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How Will I find You?

…another great friend, Billy Ray Chitwood uses poetry to great effect here … enjoy… nice one , Billy Ray …LUV IT!

The Final Curtain

Thinking one day of my mortality and the next dimension, my thoughts turned to Julie, my wife, my love, and how I would find her there in the land that only the soul can know. These are the words that came to me:


How Will I Find You?

 There in the light blue sky

Where I look for your face

In the soft white puff of cloud?

 There in the empty chair

Where you once quietly sat

In the room of my solitude?

 There in the now barren garden

Where I once watched you

Kneeling, planting your seeds?

 There along the pristine beach

Where we collected sea glass

Among the gulls and shells?

 Where will you be when I am

In the shadows of tomorrow

A man lost in youth’s sorrow?

 How will I find you, my love

Knowing not where to look

In such a strange new world?

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…good friend Author Jo Robinson brings a timely reminder of the scourge of troll spammers . especially at this time of the year 🙂

Jo Robinson

I’m not sure if it was my admission to being a techie dimwit, but all of a sudden I’ve got piles of Spam with the letters RSS in it. Not to mention bullies holding forth around and about. For example:

Hello!! Achieve you get condition they make few plugins to avoid with explore engine optimisation?? I’m irritating to get my blog to rank in support of some under fire keywords but I’m not considering fantastically sunny gains. Condition to identify of any satisfy distribute. Be thankful for it!!! I’m attempting to live talented to enrol in the RSS feeds excluding cannot figure it out. A quantity of assistance will be present awe-inspiring. Thanks!!!

Well… I couldn’t have said it better myself. Quite right you are dear Spammy. The internet never ceases to amaze me. I suppose that it’s similar to “real life” where you get thieves and violent hoods who…

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…Author/Reader BOOK CLUBS of the WURLD… you are WANTED!… #TBSU…

…I’m not known as a computer-gadgetry Jurassic for NUTHIN, y’know, Mabel… I still do a lap of honour if my Apple Mac lights up when I switch it on… but there are times when yeez just get dragged kicking and screaming into the modern age… my natural instinct is to do mental arithmetic and cerebral calculations rather than use pocket-calculating devices… I’d rather scribble things down with a pen or pencil before tapping away at a laptop… little wonder it is, then, that it’s taken this long for some things to grab hold with me… the most recent Luddite-Conversion-Phase involves SKYPE… that instrumentation you should not use when you’re in the shower (unless, of course, yeez have a different kind of conversation on it than I normally have… a-hem…)… it occurs to me, that having my face at the end of a visual link-up with another screen, continents away, with good folks peering at it from the other end may not actually be a bad thing… context, Mabel, context… I’m thinking live interactive sessions as a talking-head quill-scraper, sharing with the likes of Author/Reader BOOK CLUBS of the WURLD... doing the suave, sophisticated, polished writer bit… well… doing the writer bit, anyway… people asking questions about the ‘who’s’, ‘why’s’, and ‘wherefore’s’ in my crime thriller masterpieces… digging for the lowdown on a virtual candle-lit garret-bound novelist’s existence… Q and A’s by the trillion… well questions by the trillion at any rate… answers p’raps subject to lawyer’s vetting first… it may come as a surprise to some, but I genuinely enjoy conversing with real human beings out there… interface with readers is the Holy Grail for most of we scriveners… so, if any of yeez are a part of, know of, attendees of, any groups who may be interesred in SKYPE sessions with a deluded ol’ Scots writer… I’m yer huckleberry… initial contact please on my email,   …cheers, all… ooops, Matron heard me shouting… here she comes with that bluudy syringe… see yeez later…

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…something’s been hurting me for thirty years… it’s time to share and try to get it off my chest… #TBSU…

…this is not my usual style of blog piece… but it just seems right to share it… whether or not anybody reads it, ignores it, or responds to it, is immaterial… for me, I need to get this out… thirty years ago, I was working in Hong Kong, a city I enjoy being in… it has a vibrance, and perpetual-motion aura unmatched anywhere else I’ve ever been… some say it has the smell of money about it… it certainly caters to every taste of commercial opulence… of top-line designer products of every hue and tag… of probably more millionaires per square meter than elsewhere globally, and reputedly more Rolls Royces per capita than the rest of the planet… it also has a ‘giving’ heart, inasmuch as the Community Chest Charity drives consistently raised billions of Hong Kong dollars for good and deserving causes… all that aside, one afternoon, I witnessed probably the most haunting and heart-breaking vision I’ll ever see… the theft of a beggar’s dignity… some of yeez may know the area in Hong Kong where the main thoroughfare, Connaught Road, along the Central Business District, is spanned by a series of covered bridges, linking the main financial buildings with the rest of the place… on one of these, near the Mandarin Hotel, a beggar used to sit on a skateboard-lookalike trolley… the man was a double amputee, with his leg stumps showing against the board’s wood… passersby habitually gave the man coins, as did I on a regular basis… he caused no harm nor offence to anyone… except, it seems, to the powers that be who ran the local council… it transpires that they deemed this beggar to be an eyesore, perhaps a distraction to the millions of tourist dollars and they sent FOUR people to take pictures of this man in the act of receiving the coin pittance he collected daily to keep himself alive… I happened by just as this drama unfolded… now, understand, at the best of times, many Asians do not like having their picture taken under any circumstance, believing that somehow their soul spirit is being stolen… this posse danced around the beggar like wolves snarling at a terrified prey… clicking, clicking, clicking… he obviously couldn’t get off the board to stop them… the only defensive weapon he had was the few coins he had in his hand… in desperation he threw the coins at one of the cameramen, who merely dodged them and kept on clicking… I cannot forget the vision of that man’s face… it’s etched in my own soul as a reminder to me that I stood frozen, and to my everlasting shame, I did nothing to try to stop this at the time… I went back to my office that day and closed the door… and sobbed, and sobbed, and sobbed… every now and then, it comes back to me, and I cry again, as I freely admit I’m doing now… but I felt I  had to share this today… maybe it will help me assuage the memory of the theft of a man’s dignity… surely one of the most degrading crimes in the world… thanks for reading thus far… LUV YEEZ


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Your Individuality is Your Greatest Asset: Writing and Marketing as You

GREAT POST from Cate Russell-Cole !! … to yer own self be true ! cheers, all


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…so yeez want a wee bit of blood-stirring music (again)… right!… here’s the very ticket… #TBSU…

…somethings yeez should  just never get tired of hearing… (Master Andrew Peters may be the sole exception, but he’s a Welchman, and we excuse him from listening)… put together the pipes and drums, the penny whistle, a solo lady bagpiper, Andre Rieu’s violin, and his terrific orchestra, a multiple-thousand-strong audience… then turn up the music to as loud as yeez can get it, go full screen… and let yer souls stir, and the blood course through yer veins…feel the hairs rise on the back of yer necks.. and the goosebumps make yeez tingle… and try to keep a wee tear from yer eyes…Ladies and Gennnnllllmmmeeeen!!!… with no semblance of apology, I give yeez once again, Amazing Grace… ye’re welcome… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ…


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…Authors… I (still) have a dream… and sub-dreams… and so should all of yeez… #TBSU…

…I met a fellow-Scot writing chum last night for dinner… kinda like a mini Quill-Scrapers Anonymous meeting… and three hours just flew away… the simple pleasures of sharing experiences from our respective virtual candle-lit garrets… coz it’s not often we scribblers get to break out and actually meet other people, y’understand… he’s Author Jim McAllister, whose maiden offering, iNation, I featured on this blog a while back… (I’m popping the cover page on here below for yeez to be guided towards downloading it… believe me, it’s an absorbing tour de force…) … young Master McAllister’s about the same vintage as this ol’ Jurassic, and like any of us who’ve demonstrated this kinda longevity, has seen enuff in his lifetime to fill several books… but that’s for another time… unknown to me when he suggested our dinner date, he had an ulterior motive… he wanted to interview me… that engaged us for the major part of the evening, and was a lot of fun… when he comes to share it with the unsuspecting WURLD, there will be more censored excisement than inclusion, I’m sure… when we got the bullsh*t out of the way, one strong element surfaced that we have in common… we can each say with sincerity ,… ‘…I (still) have a dream…’ …how good is that, Mabel?… a coupla guys who grew up as playmates with Methuselah, still with great things to look forward to… this penning, laptop-tapping, whirly-gig of the eBook universe is such a positive blast for both of us… my dream? seriously? I wanna see 500,000 sales/downloads for my masterpieces within the next five years… will that happen?.. who can tell, but it’s a real kick-in-the-ass going for it… oh, and by the way, yeez are allowed sub-dreams, too… splinters of the main dream… to sell even one copy of one of yer books today… or produce one sentence, or one paragraph, or one chapter of yer current monument to literary genius today… yeez get the drift… are Jim and I alone in this frivolity of dreaming?… I rather think not… let me hear from yeez…  I (STILL) HAVE A DREAM…. LUV YEEZ….

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…Authors… if yeez don’t blaw yer own trumpet, who will?… be not afraid to let the WURLD see the good stuff! … #TBSU…

SAVAGE PAYBACK is the third novel in the Jack Calder series. For those of you (unlike me) who have not read the first two books in this action/adventure franchise, Seumas Gallacher’s tales are about ISP, an international security firm manned by ex-SAS and other police/special forces personnel who can boldly go where other more conventional authorities cannot.This is the best of the bunch so far (and that’s saying something). In the first two books, the good guys for the most part had things their way. This time they are not so lucky. Pitched against two major drug lords and an ex-SAS explosive expert with a grudge, Jules Townsend’s organisation is at full stretch worldwide, and there are casualties and tragedies along the way. SAVAGE PAYBACK is a page-turner of the first order – I gobbled it up in record time.If you like your action thick and fast and with plenty of international locations, you’ll really love this book. Cinematic, or what? Movie directors, are you listening?


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How Hard Can It Be?

…nice post on some of the travails on the self-publishing Odyssey…


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…Authors and Artistes are Ageless… just look at ‘young’ Mick Jagger… #TBSU…

…I’m sure if yeez dig deep enuff into the Great God Google yeez can find out what age authors(esses) were when they wrote their various masterpieces… I’m equally certain there will be no common specific age when this tome or that tome came streaming from these assorted cerebral creative minds… the fascination that news channels and journalists have with quoting the ages of people featured in the broadcasts and newspaper columns is kinda strange to me… yeez know the kind of thing… ‘…snake charmer, Wally Wombat (aged 93) marries ferret breeder, Millie Mortifia (aged 22) at Winchester Cathedral (aged 1178)…’ or ‘…wunderkind prodigy, Bert Bangaloo (aged 3 1/2 months) wins Nobel Mathematics Prize…’ …it’s almost an obscene obsession with relating how long a person has been breathing to the gist of any story that the WURLD has to see… does it matter, Mabel?… the reason I ask emanates from my own WUNDERING if my 136 years on this planet has any correlation to my capacity to quill-scrape… I rather think not… today’s WURLD-shattering news headlines tells me that ‘young’ Mick Jagger is about to become, wait for it, a GREAT-GRANDFATHER… now, the Rolling Stones may not currently be everyone’s image of the zestful, energetic, Artistes Par Excellence, but to some of us of a certain age… and yeez know who yeez are…  who have grown up with Mick and Keefie, and Charlie Watts and Ronnie Woods don’t see the ‘age’ bit as much as the pure unadulterated talent that still rocks the planet every time these guys strut their stuff on stage… and so it is, and so it should be with we scribblers… Ageless, Creative, Talented, Masterpiece-Producers… literary genius has no time limit… literary genius does not count birthdays… literary genius just IS...  rock on, yeez splendid Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… I’m just off to put my Zimmer Frame in for its 10,000-mile overhaul… see yeez later… meantime, rock on  with this superb rendering of Honky Tonk Woman (age not quoted)…


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