…Authors… I (still) have a dream… and sub-dreams… and so should all of yeez… #TBSU…

…I met a fellow-Scot writing chum last night for dinner… kinda like a mini Quill-Scrapers Anonymous meeting… and three hours just flew away… the simple pleasures of sharing experiences from our respective virtual candle-lit garrets… coz it’s not often we scribblers get to break out and actually meet other people, y’understand… he’s Author Jim McAllister, whose maiden offering, iNation, I featured on this blog a while back… (I’m popping the cover page on here below for yeez to be guided towards downloading it… believe me, it’s an absorbing tour de force…) … young Master McAllister’s about the same vintage as this ol’ Jurassic, and like any of us who’ve demonstrated this kinda longevity, has seen enuff in his lifetime to fill several books… but that’s for another time… unknown to me when he suggested our dinner date, he had an ulterior motive… he wanted to interview me… that engaged us for the major part of the evening, and was a lot of fun… when he comes to share it with the unsuspecting WURLD, there will be more censored excisement than inclusion, I’m sure… when we got the bullsh*t out of the way, one strong element surfaced that we have in common… we can each say with sincerity ,… ‘…I (still) have a dream…’ …how good is that, Mabel?… a coupla guys who grew up as playmates with Methuselah, still with great things to look forward to… this penning, laptop-tapping, whirly-gig of the eBook universe is such a positive blast for both of us… my dream? seriously? I wanna see 500,000 sales/downloads for my masterpieces within the next five years… will that happen?.. who can tell, but it’s a real kick-in-the-ass going for it… oh, and by the way, yeez are allowed sub-dreams, too… splinters of the main dream… to sell even one copy of one of yer books today… or produce one sentence, or one paragraph, or one chapter of yer current monument to literary genius today… yeez get the drift… are Jim and I alone in this frivolity of dreaming?… I rather think not… let me hear from yeez…  I (STILL) HAVE A DREAM…. LUV YEEZ….

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4 responses to “…Authors… I (still) have a dream… and sub-dreams… and so should all of yeez… #TBSU…

  1. Keep dreaming big Seumas!


  2. jumeirajames

    It was a great night out Seumas – thank’s for being so candid and informative in the interview.
    You never miss a chance to say something insightful about writing.
    Interview to be published asap.


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