…for Authors… It’s the Amazon Countdown variation… 3…2…1…3/4…1/2… 2/5…5/12…1/4… ZZZZzzzzzz…. #TBSU…

…ah, Mabel… the temptation to boldly go, where thousands of other quill-scrapers  now also boldly attempt to go… the recent launch of the Amazon Countdown Program has enveigled this ol’ Jurassic scribbler into throwing (part of) his lot into the reputation shredder that is the Great God Amazon… yer masterpieces put on offer at huge discounts… on a time-lapse before incremental price-hiking…eat yer heart out, Doctor Who… well, after 3 days, almost 50% of the way through this particular offer of my second wee crime thriller baby, VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK, the jury is still out… well, pretty far out, prob’ly more correctly… p’raps more dots on the distant horizon kinda out… however, like the Christmas Store Sales, there may be that last few hours rush, who knows?… meantime, my very good friend, Author S.J.Sprague may seek to nibble at the same big Sugar Mountain temptress, and pitched a few questions at me… we thought the questions and my responses may help some of yeez other Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… here yeez are :

S.J.Sprague : 

I’m gearing up to do a countdown on my first book.  You’re the only one I know who’s doing it.
What is your rate of return, so to speak, in sending individual Twitter requests to RT the blurb about your countdown?  Is it worth the effort to do it individually?

Seumas Gallacher : Hi, So far it has been a paltry return for the amount of time I put into it, but the best days may be yet to come, tomorrow being Christmas Day and a few days beyond perhaps may pick up some sales from new Kindles’ owners.

SJS :  Did you use a program to do all those individual names?  Or all by hand copying and pasting?
SG : I sent out just over 750 individualised hand-copied RT requests ….staggered as to two names every three minutes for 16 hours or so. (I did them on TweetDeck programming, which
 took about 5 hours+ of input work.) There’s a Tweeting limit hourly and daily, and if you exceed that, you are blocked for up to several hours from sending any tweets again.
 I used the lists that I build my daft personalised ‘Weekly Awards’ from, which is my list of all the good folks who’ve cared to mention me in any way over the last year or so, therefore, the ReTweeting ‘hit’, being the number of followers every ReTweeter has, can be tracked, which I do manually…I just list each name who ReTweeted and the number of their followers .. that ‘secondary hit’ catchment is now at over 1,250,000 potential views. It’s still a small return (yet) in actual sales of course, but it’s all seed-planting to me.
SJS : I thought the idea was for the price to creep up over a week, but you’re still at 99 cents.  Is that intentional, or did Amazon force that?
SG : I chose to keep the low price constant, because I don’t think there’s enough push from any source to excite people about the incremental nature of the pricing, trying to generate a ‘must buy before it increases’ sort of thing. I purposely used VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK, my second title, which has been on Amazon Kindle for over a year now. Many people already have the book (probably about 35,000-40,000 copies downloaded on sales and freebies), but I wanted to trial-run this whole Amazon Countdown Program thing to see if I wanna put my recent  latest book, SAVAGE PAYBACK, on there. I reckon SAVAGE PAYBACK may even get enough impetus to get on to the Amazon top 20 and top 100 sales lists, which then gives the cover page lots of visibility. My experience with my first two books shows that getting on to the front sheets of the Amazon best-selling lists feeds on itself a bit. As in all promotional activity, self-publishing or otherwise, the author has to do most of the grunt work, which, happily, I enjoy.
SJSWHERE OH WHERE is the Amazon push for Countdown?  I’d expected it to be splashed all over the Kindle books page.  But no, it’s merely listed on the left column, buried in the Daily Deals and Monthly Deals.  Did you expect that?  It’s like they’re not behind it.

SG : The push from Amazon is weak, but realistically, they don’t push very much either when you do the Amazon Select Free Program. I suppose there’s thousands of others trying to do the same. Getting heard above the noise is always the challenge.
Hope that helps some of yeez…
…meantime, while ye’re here, have another plug for VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK… ye’re welcome…


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5 responses to “…for Authors… It’s the Amazon Countdown variation… 3…2…1…3/4…1/2… 2/5…5/12…1/4… ZZZZzzzzzz…. #TBSU…

  1. I haven’t got a clue what Kindle Countdown means – but good luck Seamus!


    • ..hi, Jo…Amazon countdown is their latest ploy of offering your book for a 7-day period within the 3 -month capture on Kindle Select program… you start at a big discount to the regular price, and if you wish can step the price up a few times until the week is over, eventually ending at the original price.. the gig is that even if your discounted price is lower that that which would normally get the 70% royalty, if your ORIGINAL price was in the 70% royalty range, you would get 70% of ANY sales.:)


  2. Amazon really puts you through some craziness … 😉


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