…thank you, Author/Reader friends across the internet WURLD… yeez are the best of the best … #TBSU…


…y’know, Mabel, sumb’dy once told me, ‘…life is not a game of perfect…’ …I hadn’t a clue what the hell they were talking about… then along comes that wee thing called ‘experience’… and over time yeez get the dreaded visitations yeez thought only belonged to other folks… family health issues… concerns about yer personal financial situation in a WURLD gone f*ckin crazy with global high-finance manipulations by nutters on the make… worries about continued WURK to keep an income flowing… then yeez realise, most people yeez know are in the same boat… like this ol’ Jurassic, some of yeez find solace in punching away at yer keyboards in the myriad virtual candle-lit garrets across the globe… and a sense of some kinda Serenity returns… over the past few years and months, in pursuit of BUILDING THE PLATFORM for my readership catchment, I’ve come to know lots of yeez ‘out there’ as truly wonderful pals… some years ago, that would have been unthinkable to me… barely able to switch on a laptop without blowing fuses all over the city… now blessed with direct SOSYAL NETWURKIN contacts in excess of 15,000 souls… let me illustrate what I mean… this week, I’m trialling the Amazon Countdown Program with my second Jack Calder crime thriller, VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK… I sent out 750 RT requests on Twitter, expecting a handful to do so… as of this morning, more than 200 of yeez have already ReTweeted, and some multiple times… I can track the ‘knock-on’ followers numbers on that, and incredibly they now stand around 1,275,000 recipients… of course, only a tiny, tiny fraction of these may actually buy the discounted book, but frankly, my dears, I don’t give a damn (make a good movie line, that..)… I’m just blown away by the great support this universal scribbling family ALWAYS gives… here’s the Amazon Countdown offer links again, finishes December 28th… see yeez later … LUV YEEZ

US  http://amzn.to/W59BB3

UK  http://amzn.to/13yV1YX



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4 responses to “…thank you, Author/Reader friends across the internet WURLD… yeez are the best of the best … #TBSU…

  1. Have a Great Day Seumas, and a better New Year.


  2. … echoed to you in great dollops, that man 🙂


  3. Seumas,
    It has been a pleasure to find your great wit and wisdom, out in the great world beyond my own.
    Nice to interact and share the highs and lows of typing and word-writing. Always good to know that ‘one is not alone,’ in that venture.
    Hoping for many wonderful days ahead.
    Best wishes, Eileen 🙂


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