…the Beautiful Game of Scottish Football… my part in its downfall… #TBSU…

…every now and then, flashbacks wander through what’s left of my little grey cells… I wouldn’t ‘zactly call them mem’ries, coz sometimes things happened so-oo-oo loo-oo-ong ago, there may be a wee bit of doubt in the actual recollection… when yeez get to a certain age, it becomes kinda tricky for people to check the veracity of what yer own mind seems to recall, coz it all took place more than half a century back… but I DO know this… as a youth, this ol’ Jurassic enjoyed some success on the soccer fields around Glasgow… in those days we had no such fancy positions as ‘mid-field’ or ‘striker’ or ‘centre-backs’ … these were ‘half-backs or wing-halfs‘…left-, right- and centre-, and forwards were inside-right, inside-left, and centre-forward... wingers stayed on the wings and ran like the wind, coz if the opposition full backs caught them, they usually made a fair attempt at chopping their legs off… the ball weighed about six times the current ping-pongs they boot sixty yards nowadays, and if was a wet day, that went up to ten times, and Heaven help yeez if yeez headed the ball at the side where it was laced up… leave yeez with scars for weeks, that one… the more usual surface was a mixture of mud and bare grass on the good pitches, and nets for the goals were a thing of beauty used only during serious cup-tie clashes… I played as a junior with a Scottish First Division team of that period called Third Lanark (there was no First Lanark or Second Lanark)… I started out as a left-winger (NUTHIN to do with political affiliation), and moved onto centre-forward, where, as a goal-scorer,  I was deadly from five inches around the goal line… poacher supreme, me… I played three times at that Monument to Scottish Football, Hampden Park, where, without a following gale, it was impossible to reach the goals from the corner flag with a corner kick, the field was so big… my footballing career North of the Border was curtailed when the Bank I WURKED for foolishly believed they needed my talents in London… not long afterwards, Third Lanark went bust…NUTHIN to do with me, I plead, although I often wonder now, if that was the beginning of the end of Scottish Football’s dominance on the WURLD stage… if I hadn’t left for London, would it all have WURKED out differently for the game there…? see yeez later… here’s a wee photo of me in my best football gear, see if yeez can spot which one is me…



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11 responses to “…the Beautiful Game of Scottish Football… my part in its downfall… #TBSU…

  1. LOVE those stockings Seamus! Are you the fellow in the back row on the far right? How many guesses do we get? 😀


  2. … you get only 11 guesses… including a bonus guess of me being behind the window at the back ot the team ..:)) ( I suppose this is a Guess Post ?)


  3. So. The rumors of you starting up the Abu dhabi Scottish fourth lanark for the World Cup is true then? Where can I find a team scarf to wear to the match?


  4. laurie27wsmith

    You’re the bloke sitting on the far right, pondering your next incarceration in FB jail.


  5. sagedoyle

    I’m awarding you The Blog of the Year Award! No obligation to accept, I understand if you don’t. For details, you can view my post http://wp.me/p41c99-qj Happy New Year! Peace, Sage


  6. Ah, Third Lanark! Being a season ticket holder and shareholder at Easter Road I wish I had received your photo a few years back as some of the Third Lanark lads used to sit in front of me in the East Terracing. I have since moved seats (due to the new build not because they are badly behaved I might add!) and sit nearer the away end now. I read your post on Sunday while watching the rain pelt down onto the players as we played some nice football against Kilmarnock. Nice -being a very loose term for the comparative dross I have been made to watch so far this season. I LOVE the idea of a Fourth Lanark in Dubai though – any excuse for an away weekend with Hibbees. Awra best, Sarah Any more photo’s?


  7. …oh, a REAL fitba’ supporter! Hibbees! Awra bestest to you too, hen ! 🙂


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