…and yet another flashback to a bygone era…the Rolling Stones have a lot to answer for… #TBSU…

…yesterday, I rambled on through this blog about my football-career-interruptus… as a promising future God of the Soccer WURLD Cup stuff of Legend… sent packing in my teens down to London to WURK in a bank… little did we know that fifty years in the future, being a Banker (that’s ‘Banker’ with a ‘B’, Mabel, with a ‘B’…) would equate to a level worse than ‘mass-murderer’,’Lord-Justin-Beiber-beleiber’ or SkyNEWS broadcaster… however, before that enforced episode of journeying South from God’s Promised Land, Scotland (of course!) …this ol’ Jurassic was the front man/singer in a beat group… some of yeez will remember when they were called that, back then… none of yer namby-pamby ‘boys band’… or worse still, lip-synching ‘ensembles’… every street in Docklands Govan in Glasgow produced at least one such beat group… the average age of membership approached double figures in some cases… voices of a few were at that ‘interesting’ point, just breaking from boyish soprano to husky tenor, and back again, without warning… some of us hadn’t even experienced the joys of facial acne yet… driven by daft Uncles’ and benign Aunties’ guarantor arrangements, instruments were purchased on the ‘never-never’, commonly known as ‘bought on the drip’… good old Hire Purchase at its best… our lead guitarist could actually play more than eight chords, which made him a mega-star round our area… the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, The Moody Blues,  the Beatles, (emb’dy remember them?), the Yardbirds, Freddy and the Dreamers, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Bob Dylan, Donovan, et al were the chosen deities at whose imaginary feet we worshipped… I used to pump out stuff on a single-reed harmonica, a-la-Mick-Jagger-blues-wailing style… then we’d hammer every number these guys produced… we called the group, ‘The Other Side’, and had fancy cards printed up with the name on it, then handed them out all over the place… we gave up when people just kept on turning the cards over and over… we changed the name to ‘Green Onions’, the genesis of which still baffles me… but here’s the thing… I can still remember every WURD of every song we did… the lyrics actually made some sort of sense to us back then… oh, yes, the Rolling Stones have a lot to answer for… gotta tune up for a wee warble now… see yeez later…


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8 responses to “…and yet another flashback to a bygone era…the Rolling Stones have a lot to answer for… #TBSU…

  1. Yes, I remember when groups were men with instruments, not haircuts with dance routines.


  2. ..now ain’t dat de truth ! I can’t name a single modern-day artiste that i would actually CHOOSE to listen to… p’raps that’s more to do with me, than with them, but I know what kinda musical sounds I like …


  3. Agreed. And I don’t think it’s question of age either. This new fangled stuff is just unsophisticated, untuneful tripe.


  4. What d’ya mean, anyone remember the Beatles? I went to the same school as two of them. Gerry and the Pacemakers were practically neighbours. It was all the MerseyBeat back then – you were either a Stones fan or a Beatles fan – couldn’t be both. Lots of amazing talent too. I remember sitting on the kitchen step and hearing live concerts by all those guys from the Tower Gardens in New Brighton – it was some distance away but the speakers were LOUD! Music was music, talent was everywhere, and dance routines practically unknown. No ‘Britain’s got whatever’ either – Top of the Pops was IT!

    God, I feel old, That Man!


  5. Ah, you’re mentioning some of my Gods of Rock there. I loved the Moodies then and love the Moodies now, The Stones still seem to have that indefinable ‘IT’ , Freddie, Herman, Ivy League, Searchers The Hollies,all brilliant. Today the musicians are few and far between but there still are some, R.E.M, Snow Patrol, Stereophonics, Adele and I think some newcomer called Rod Stewart seems OK.
    Happy New Year to us Band of Ancients.


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