…Author Guest Posts are the best thing since Sliced Blogs… #TBSU…

…I lay no claim to being an expert in anything… truth be known, this ol’ Jurassic prob’ly figures in the top five exponents on the planet for the ‘trial and error’ methodology… and in my particular case, with heavy preponderance on the ‘error’ element… when the self-publishing phenomenon visited its hypnotic pull on me, it didn’t take long to have me submersed in the whole nine yards of the indie author gig… and I LUV IT!... I freely admit I’m a computer bumpkin… an Internet Idiot… a Literary Luddite… a Download Dunce… a Blogging Bumbler… but, being the self-willed (read ‘awkward, hard-skulled’) person my Mother warned me I may become, I continued to stumble through each rite of passage in the Amazon Kindle do-it-yerself journey to authordom… happily, some of the little grey cells still function, and the realisation set in that there are certain things on the Web that make the blogging quill-scraper’s existence a tad simpler… stuff that adds to yer well-being… pushing near the front of these, yeez’ll find GUEST POSTS... a couple of years ago, when I received my first ever invitation to do one of these on a brave Blogger’s website, it threw me for a loop… I sweated over it for almost a week… I wanted to get it RIGHT!… like being asked to sumb’dy’s house for a posh dinner party… what knife and fork to use? …yeez know the kinda thing… three years and roughly a hundred or more GUEST POSTS later, I rejoice in these invitations… the friendships built through reciprocative blog pieces are fantastic… of course, they also provide a proper means of broadening the reach of yer own WURK… getting yer masterpieces to a much wider audience than yeez could hope to do solo… I  heartily recommend to all and any bloggers/writers/Webbies to get involved… do GUEST POSTS… invite GUEST POSTS… yeez won’t regret it… which leads nicely into an open invitaaion for any of yeez to come and park a GUEST POST on this blog…LUV YEEZ

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…as usual, share and enjoy… 🙂




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3 responses to “…Author Guest Posts are the best thing since Sliced Blogs… #TBSU…

  1. Booyacka! Yeh! I’m on! 😉 I’ll try to make it not boring.




  2. Tempting, but what, good Sir, can I add when I am less experienced in the ways of the book world than you. Would anything you wish include the weather, my poor health, and why I got on horses one side and off the other?


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