…a new Author friend comes calling… meet Sheelah Turner… #TBSU…

…sum’times, yeez have to wonder if all of these twenty-seven billion gazillion people on the Web actually exist… so, every now and then, it’s good to meet face to face with a ‘connection’, ‘friend’, ‘name’ from the ether, that up until now has only been a  ‘communication link’… this morning in Abu Dhabi (not too many of yeez drop in for a coffee and croissant here), I met the delightful Sheelah Turner, who, with her husband, Oyvind Helgerud recently completed a transcontinental odyssey on wheels starting in Europe and weaving their way across Africa, reaching parts that other people never reach… in due course, their travels, travails, tributes and tribulations will grace a much-awaited book… not yer usual run-of-the-mill travelogue, Mabel… but a fascinating fifteen-month journey of exploration… an exploration of more than the mere geography of a continent, but an engrossing compendium of personal discovery… like many of us, Sheelah and Oyvind were salaried servants to the Great God Give-Me-A-Career-And-A-Paycheck-And-Let-Me-Have-A-Life… then one fine day, just like that, they decided ‘living’ has more to offer, and so their odyssey was born… I’ll leave that as a teaser for yeez, but watch this space for news of progress in getting their written WURD out there… on a personal note, it’s such a buzz to sit and swap Literary War Stories with others from this great quill-scraping family… sharing the ‘hows’, the ‘whys’, the ‘why-nots’ of this hypnotic roller-coaster self-publishing gig… it’s as much fun as yeez can have with yer clothes on… in the meantime, check out Sheelah and Oyvind’s blog on :


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