…today’s 3 picks of great pics… movies that stick in the memory… #TBSU…

…the beautiful thing about opinions on stuff… any stuff… is that they are yer own opinions… it’s not wrong that yeez have yer opinions… the content may be debatable, but we’re all entitled to think for ourselves… which makes picking yer favourites of anything a fun ploy… here’s 3 of my choices for enjoyable moments in moviedom…

1. The Remains  of the Day

…a throwback to the propriety of household staff behaviour ‘below stairs’ in England’s 40s and 50s, this movie carries monumental performances by Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson… there are many moments of brilliance in the film, but I remember the sadness of the final meeting between the pair… where the proper decorum of the day dictated their true feelings and affection for each other would remain unrequited… and I wonder how many thousands of such relationships were unfulfilled in real life back in that era…

2. The Godfather Trilogy

…it could fill twenty blog pieces to render all the amazing aspects of this series… but a couple of samples are standouts for me… the scene in the first movie where the Godfather (Marlon Brando) points to the bullet-riddled body of his son (James Caan) in the mortician’s salon and says simply, ‘…look what they’ve done to my boy…’ …he’s a ‘father’ then, not a ‘Godfather’… and in the third movie, where the incomparable Al Pacino as the ageing Godfather, muses, ‘…you try to get out (of the Mafia), and they pull you back in again…’ …the third movie in the series seems to be the least popular, but for me it was the best, as Pacino shows tons of the human side of the Godfather… even criminal bosses have feelings, it seems…

3. The Flight of the Phoenix

…the original black and white version has many excellent characters, but James Stewart, who never gave a bad  performance in any movie, is superlative as the pilot of the aircraft that crash lands in the  middle of the desert… he ‘loses it’ when the self-proclaimed aircraft builder on whose skill the survivors count on to get out of the dilemma turns out to be a model-aircraft builder… great moment…

…for yer consideration and comment, share yer own with us … cheers… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!…

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14 responses to “…today’s 3 picks of great pics… movies that stick in the memory… #TBSU…

  1. John Dolan

    Whoa! Great films, Lord G! *starts sorting through DVDs*


  2. ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ (an all time classic made that bit more special because it stars the lovely Morgan Freeman), ‘Leon’ (with a brilliant performance form a very young Natalie Portman) and ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ – one for us Brits, and in my opinion by far the best of the HP films.
    As soon as I’d written this reply I thought of a dozen more, but these were the first three that sprang to mind 🙂


  3. Verrree Sneaky sticking a trilogy in there !
    OK, yet again I can’t argue with you, especially the comment about Jimmy Stewart. But, my choice for 3 that stand out for me are…
    1. Goodbye Mr. Chips with the incomparable Robert Donat playing the Schoolmaster and Greer Garson his wife. A real look at the life of a lonely man who happens to teach in a public school. His support of a German colleague at a time of war and how marriage changes a man ( boy does it ever)
    2. The Inn of the Sixth Happiness with coincidentally the incomparable Robert Donat playing the Mandarin.The true story of how a parlour maid
    (Gladys Aylward) fulfilled a dream of becoming a missionary in China and led a group of orphaned children across China dodging Japanese bullets on the way. Though I dislike the idea of missionaries, there’s no denying the lives she saved. Ingrid Bergman stars. Look out for a young Bert Kwouk.

    3a. Guess Who’s coming to Dinner. Katie Hepburn, Spencer Tracy , Sidney Poitier and Katharine Houghton. The first time any prominence was really given to interracial marriage and whether a parents professed tolerance, would be stretched beyond it’s limits..
    3b. ( My trilogy cheat) Any film starring Spencer Tracy an Katie Hepburn together ( or separately).


  4. Excellent choices…all of them… As much as grandpa helped to build sets for Cecil B Demille and I grew up on his and dad’s stories of working and growing up on the movie sets of classic Hollywood with a love for the classic films, my yhree seem to be more modern.
    3. the princess bride for all of its quotable moments (inconceivable!)
    2. the Avengers because I watched it so many times when I was alone after dad passed and I love the ensemble cast and Captain America’s good old fashioned heroism
    1. (taking a leaf from your book and sneaking in a series) are Peter Jackson’s Tolkein movies (Lord of the rings trilogy and the Hobbit). Since sitting in that darkened classroom in fifth grade and hearing Mr. Tolefson read it to us, I’ve longed to see middle earth someplace other than behind my eyelids. Not ashamed to say that the first time I saw each of them I choked up at the first strain of the opening credits because it’s the culmination of a near 30 year dream.


  5. French Connection 2: King of Comedy: Europa, Europa. And many more!


  6. laurie27wsmith

    Robin Hood, starring Errol Flynn.
    Dr Zhivago, ” ” Omar Shariff
    Master and Commander, Russel Crowe
    And a zillion others. 🙂


  7. Great choices that made me think. Love Flight of the Phoenix with its memorable model toy maker scene.
    My three would have to be: 1. Shawshank Redemption as some great performances and scenes, like the opera music. 2. Cinema Paradiso – memorable and magical. 3. The Lord of the Rings… if I can only choose one it would be Fellowship but I want them all and more from PJ.


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