… ‘what’s-the-story-line-about?’ test… #TBSU…

…if yeez are anything like me, yeez’ll have heard about tons of books, novels, movies, and such and think yeez know the story lines… today’s multiple choice test will find out the truth:-

1. What is ‘Jurassic Park’ about?

a. The biography of the oldest living Korean

b. The ancient story of a Playground for Old-Age Pensioners

c. It’s about 350 pages

d. A one-dimensional tale for a three-dimensional movie

2. What is the ‘Guinness Book of Records’ about?

a. A register of CDs to play while drinking

b. A daily diary of Paddy O’Full’s intake of Irish stout ale

c. A faithful account of the least-interesting activities ever undertaken by the daftest people on earth

d. It’s about US$ 2.75

3. Who is the principal character in ‘Much Ado About Nothing’?

a. Any collection of politicians yeez care to name

b. Lord Justin Beiber’s publicist’s employer

c. The Butler (it’s always the bluudy Butler…)

d. Most leading ladies taking about the sexual prowess of their respective leading men

4. Who is the most famous Queen in historical writing?

a. ‘Steve Mc’  in ‘The Great Escape’ 

b. Helen Mirren in ‘that’ movie 

c. Freddy Mercury

d. Helen Mirren in ‘that other’ movie

5. What was the theme of ‘The 39 Steps’?

a. A guide to the number of sequences yeez have to go through with modern large companies when yeez get their recorded voice messages

b. The Illustrated Dancing Tutorial for centipedes

c. Nobody ever got past 34 to find out

d. The number of new things yeez have to learn when yeez upgrade yer Blackberry just to switch it on

Answers please on ancient papyrus scrolls to the usual address at the Pyramids…


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2 responses to “… ‘what’s-the-story-line-about?’ test… #TBSU…

  1. laurie27wsmith

    Love it Seumas. 🙂


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