…when an Author’s ‘just editing’ is more than ‘just editing’ … #TBSU…

…okay, okay, okay…I know, it looks like a bit of a daft blog post title, but all shall be revealed if yeez’ll bear with me… there are legions of splendid scribblers out there who earnestly believe that they should ‘just write’… I have no argument with that, and if that’s what suits them, fine by me… may I ‘umbly suggest, however, that p’raps in the modern self-publishing era an Author may have to wear several quill-scraper hats… the ‘self’ bit encompasses getting cover art lined up, arranging printing of the masterpieces, marketing through the SOSYAL NETWURKS, doing hand-to-hand combat with the Amazon Kindle martinets, and so on ad nause-forever… all of that stuff palls into the shadows compared with the terror that lurks for many of yeez in the dreaded editing… of course, a strong school of thought recommends getting a professional editor to eyeball yer wee babies, and again I’ve no argument if that’s the way yeez choose to go… being more of a ‘hands-on’ nutter myself, I’ve been compelled to go the DIY route recently… my schizo-scribbler personae has half of me doing the Jack Calder crime thriller novels… the distaff side indulges the pleasure of doing a daily humorous blog post… the third collection of these posts slipped intrepidly onto Amazon Kindle a couple weeks ago… now here’s the thing… compiling the posts into a Kindle-friendly format required a ton of proof reading and editing… the allocated ‘day or two’ stretched into a week, and then nudged beyond that… about midway through the exercise it dawned on this ol’ Jurassic, that I was actually enjoying the whole process… confirming for me once more the sense of ‘ownership’ of my writing… the time and labour invested in this stuff belongs to no-one but yerselves… I heartily recommend that yeez put aside the reluctance to get into every aspect of yer production if ye’re serious about self-publishing… go for it… and enjoy…

…here’s the links and a wee photo of my baby…

UK : http://amzn.to/1jAOdUv

US : amzn.to/1cyhnvu 

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3 responses to “…when an Author’s ‘just editing’ is more than ‘just editing’ … #TBSU…

  1. No wonder you’re bloggered!


  2. I hear ye!

    I just finished a draft of a new novel and did a lot of editing as I went so when went back to the start to begin polishing I thought it wouldn’t be a mammoth task. How wrong I was…. I’m currently working at a rate of about 5 pages an hour, which can feel disheartening but I keep reminding myself that it has to be as perfect as it can be. It’s amazing how much of the text needs rewriting when you look at it with fresh eyes.

    An absolute pain of a chore but absolutely necessary, and strangely satisfying as you put another chunk of chapters behind you, knowing they’re ‘solid’.


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