…the schedule for my first Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Dubai looms… and it’s chock full of great stuff!… #TBSU…

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…I’d like to think yeez good Lads and Lassies of Blog Land who follow my yabberings on here regularly would sense an element of fun in most of it… one constant that’s remained true with me through anything I’ve been involved with over the years is ‘if it’s not fun and enjoyable, it ain’t worth doing’… even in the supposedly staid and stiff-collared hundred or so years I spent in (shhhsssh) banking, there were lots of excellent characters with a penchant for taking the p*ss when warranted… (no, Mabel, I don’t mean that lad at RBS and the criminal clowns who screwed up most of Wall Street and beyond)… more about the good fun characters p’raps in later blogs… this writing gig is something I certainly take seriously, but hopefully not myself too seriously… comes now the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Dubai, starting next week, Tuesday, March 4th and running for the whole week until Saturday, 8th… my intention (hope) was to get to be part of the programme during the week… well, the great team organizing the whole affair has arranged my schedule with hardly time to parse a sentence or split an infinitive the entire time… the first night gets wrapped in an invitational Opening Reception… thereafter, it’s helter-skelter, day after day… two college visits to pitch to writing students about self-publishing, and some book-signing… a morning Author interview on colour radio… my workshop on being an indie scribbler and the mysteries of the SOSYAL NETWURKIN universe… more book-signings… and I get to introduce a session with one of my all-time favourites, the magnificent Pam Ayres… what a giggle… fun?… yeez can bet yer sweet a*ses it’s gonna be fun!… oh, and don’t forget, there’s more than a hundred other splendid members of the quill-scraper brigade milling around as well… LUVVIN IT! see yeez in Dubai…


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10 responses to “…the schedule for my first Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Dubai looms… and it’s chock full of great stuff!… #TBSU…

  1. Congratulations, Sir! Break a leg…no wait, not in the crime thriller hero sense…in the actor sense….


  2. Ach, if only Dubai were just down the road………..


  3. laurie27wsmith

    You have a great time Seumas, don’t worry about us, down here with no huge festivals to attend, we’ll be fine. Go on, enjoy.


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