…how to reach an Author’s REAL G-spot… settle down at the back, there… this is clean… #TBSU…

…this ol’ Jurassic’s prattled on many times about the strange dichotomy of a quill-scraper’s existence… on the one hand, the isolation in yer own head, trying to make sense of yer plot lines and getting yer characters to behave themselves by following what yeez had in mind for them… the endless succession of sleepless nights with dialogue rattling around in yer wee grey cells… nobody to share it with… agonising over single WURDS or phrasing to ‘get it right, Mabel’… we’ve all been there… then the flip-side… the wunnerful global scribblers family interaction on the Web… the unbridled generosity of spirit teeming in from eLinked fellow scrivening sloggers… friendships far stronger and more positive than many of yeez’ve ever experienced with face-to-face relationships… a mutual respect develops with all manner of prose purveyors… poets, playwrights, journalists, novelists, historians and academics… oh, sure, I also have tons of SOSYAL NETWURKIN contacts acquired over the past few years, but I like to think I try to find quality as well as quantity in their ranks… and so it has proved, time and time again…those of yeez who follow this blog regularly (and thank yeez for that!) will know I try to encourage support of other authors as much as possible… a ReTweet here, a Facebook share there, a mention on Goodreads, a book review on the Amazon Kindle pages… goodness knows, we can all do with a helping hand occasionally… the other day, one of my virtual friends, an author for whom I have enormous respect, paid me the highest compliment I could ever wish for… in an almost throwaway line, she wrote … ‘…I love your work…’ …four simple WURDS, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land, but those of yeez who immerse yerselves in this business will appreciate just how much it touches the very core of a writer… how to reach an Author’s real G-spot… tell him or her yeez LUV their WURK… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ

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5 responses to “…how to reach an Author’s REAL G-spot… settle down at the back, there… this is clean… #TBSU…

  1. I’ve had authors ask me, “Why waste time connecting with other authors.
    Don’t I want to connect with readers?”

    Of course you want to find your readers, but you need to network with other authors. They share, support, give advice, and commiserate.

    You also look to authors in your genre to find your audience. Be a guest on their blog or cross promote. The possibilities are endless.

    Thanks for bringing this up, Seumas.


  2. laurie27wsmith

    It certainly tickles my G spot Seumas when I receive a compliment. I agree with Christa, authors need to network, it’s a lonely occupation and we need all the encouragement we can get.


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