….Authors… never, ever lose sight of yer dreams!… #TBSU…

…I don’t know what age you lot were when yeez started writing, but I fell into it about five years ago when I escaped (retired) from the big bad world of banking (ssshhh!!!)… by the greatest of good fortune, this ol’ Jurassic discovered the internet, Amazon Kindle, and SOSYAL NETWURKS all about the same time… the learning curve has been steep, almost perpendicular at times… somehow, three Jack Calder series crime thrillers, and three blog posts collections later, aggregate downloads/sales have topped 75,000… I’ve apparently become the darling of the self-publishers speaking circuit and lately spouted on the subject at the Emirates Airline Literary Festival in Dubai… so many authors, newbies and established, have asked me to describe ‘how it works for me’, that I’ve just launched SELF-PUBLISHING STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SALES on Amazon Kindle… yeez can find it here, should yeez be so inclined:


…it doesn’t pretend to be an encyclopaedic mapping of ePublishing nor of the SOSYAL NETWURKIN’s essential role in it… it simply tells in plain language ‘how it worked for me’… what’s written on the tin is what yeez get… I hope yeez’ll like it and profit from the read… if yeez don’t like it, tell me… if yeez do like it, tell yer pals!… never, ever, lose sight of yer dreams… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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