…if Authors ain’t allowed to promote themselves, who else is gonna do it?… #TBSU…

…this ol’ Jurassic has hammered on often enuff on this blog about the need for ‘building the platform’ and using the SOSYAL NETWURKS for authors and other types of writers to get their masterpieces ‘out there’ and known… and like buses and taxis where you get none for ages, then along comes a fleet of them, the Web has been peppered this week with shedloads of commentary on the merits and demerits of self-promotion… for many quill-scrapers, the very thought of doubling as authors/marketing folks causes their laptops to implode… I consider myself an Author… not ‘aspiring’ Author, mind, but fully-fledged, card-carrying, got the T-shirt, Author… but before that I was, and probably still am, a businessman… whether we accept it, appreciate it, acknowledge it, like it or not, writing in the modern age is a business… most successful businesses I know include promotion in their business plans… no ‘maybes’, no should-we-shouldn’t-we’ messing about, no ‘wond’ring if it’s gonna upset sumb’dy’… pure unadulterated, full-on, promotion… however, a wee WURD of qualification p’raps is useful here… I have assiduously (LUV that WURD) developed my own SOSYAL MEDYA channels over the past few years where the bulk of my ‘writing business relationships’ are kindred spirits… people from the scribbling industry… like-minded labourers in the literary libraries… Twitter Twins, Facebook Friends, Goodreads Gallants, LinkedIn Liaisons, Stumbleupon Soulmates, Googling Greats… well, yeez get the picture… I regard those who stick around with me, who support me, who help my wee baby book launches, encourage the doubts away from me, as my buddies-in-arms… and fully deserving of every piece of promotion I can do for them… I’ve long since stopped troubling whatever little conscience I may have about whether or not I over-self-promote… I reckon if I’m doing at least 50/50 mine/other pals’ WURK, that’s okay… and I’m certain, the balance in fact is much more weighted toward others’ masterpieces… and that gives me an enormous sense of pleasure… some may not like that… in which case they can do as Billy Connolly suggests when yeez don’t like his WURK… use yer thumb and switch it off!… if Authors ain’t allowed to promote themselves, who else is gonna do it?… so , if yeez’ll just excuse me for a minute, here’s my latest offering :




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10 responses to “…if Authors ain’t allowed to promote themselves, who else is gonna do it?… #TBSU…

  1. And yet there are plenty of authors who have moaned to me that their sales are stuck – and when I mention social media they have conniptions (love that word!)


  2. Reblogged this on Wild and Woolly Wordsmithing and commented:
    If any aspiring quill-scrapers have not found Seumas’ blog yet, here’s an awesome article to start you out… And I highly recommend the self publishing steps to successful sales… Not only is it an alliterative title (and what author doesn’t have a secret love affair with alliteration), but it’s got some bloody good information for fledgling authors as well. Oh and he writes really good crime novels too…if you’re ever in a scrape, call Jack Calder… he’ll get you out of it…with lots of bang! 🙂 Enjoy!


  3. Love it…and reblogged! Thank you, Sir for an awesome post!


  4. Great post and can I just thank that previous commenter for introducing me to the word “conniptions” what a cracker! I take the view that I should just enjoy the social networking and if it sells any books that’s gravy. So if it becomes a chore or I’m too busy, I slow it down a bit. I also prefer to limit my channels and follow a few blogs closely, so that, if I have something to say, I can take part in the conversation.




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