…I’m a multi-millionspamionaire by now… #TBSU…

…it’s one of these things where yeez might say, ‘…if I just had one dollar for every time…’ …the miracle of the Web provides such ease of communications of all sorts, finding their way into our various internet SOSYAL NETWURK channels… alas, even with the most sophisticated preventive defences, it’s almost impossible to stop the avalanche of spam that cascades in daily… on this here blog, I have a mechanism called Akismet that filters the recalcitrants away from my main page… over the last couple of years, it tells me it has identified sum’thing like sixty trillion squillion spam messages already… okay, p’raps I exaggerate a wee bit… the exact number as of this morning is 85,788 spam missives to date (no kidding)… then I started thinking of that old chestnut, ‘how many beaches in the WURLD, how many grains of sand on each beach, etc.’... where does all this bluudy stuff come from?… for sure, it’s an industry, churning out lures for unsuspecting dummies like me… cut-price sunglasses from Belgium… discounted vacations to Inner Mongolia… easy access to live web-cam naughty shows… nails and metal widgetry gadgets from deepest China… assorted roof tiles shipped direct to your bungalow anywhere on the planet… and so it goes on… and that’s not counting the customary Nigerian/Liberian/Burkina Faso generals’ widows with gazillions of free dollars and Bitcoins… in the old days, spam was a kinda processed meat, much scorned by epicureans, and conversely much adored by such as we from the Dockland Govan area in Glasgow… acceptance of the edible type has seemingly come half-circle now, with humble cans of the product proudly gracing even the shelves of the local Waitrose… I won’t hold my breath in expectation that the virtual messaging form of spam will come to be so gloriously appreciated in years to come… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ




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10 responses to “…I’m a multi-millionspamionaire by now… #TBSU…

  1. Bet if you’d had your druthers in Govan, you wouldn’t have gone for Spam. We used to get Spam fritters at school. Disgusting. I mean, who on earth would take something that awful and then deep fry it?


  2. ..and fried ice cream (!)… :):)


  3. That’s a serious tonne of spam. Both on the blog and in the picture! 😉


  4. laurie27wsmith

    Oh, there was nothing like spam sandwiches, fresh bread with butter and tomato for summer lunch. Spam fritters for breakfast, sometimes. Spam stew. I liked semolina with a huge dollop of strawberry jam. Oh, what about tapioca? I liked it even though it reminded me of frog spawn. Both high in carbs, no wonder we had energy to spare as kids.


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