…Authors, when Amazon pages pander to yer masterpieces, don’t just admire them, use them! …#TBSU…

…being a self-published scribbler begs yer attention daily… as the author, proof-reader, editor, promoter, Kindle-formatter, and chief general dogsbody for yer own WURK, it behoves yeez (dontcha LUV that WURD, ‘behoves’?) to constantly engage in doing sum’thing, however small, every day to advance yer business of writing… most of it yeez have to divine yerselves… doing Guest Posts for fellow Lads and Lassies of Blog Land’s pages… supporting other Tweeters and FaceBookies, Google+ers and LinkedIn-ers, Tumblr-ers and Stumbleupon-ers, etcetera-ers, etcetera-ers, etcetera-ers… running Amazon Kindle promo page interventions… oh, yes, and actually doing some writing (remember that stuff?) on yer latest opus or yer own blogs… but every now and then along comes a wee bonus… the programmed messages from the Great God Amazon Kindle, where they make the Recommendations of the Day… and in the finest tradition of vanity publishing, they quote yer very own wee babies as their choices of the hour… of course they do it for everybody, Mabel, but that’s not the point... the point this ol’ Jurassic has picked up is this: by giving yeez Amazon page mileage, they are also handing yeez a gift-wrapped excuse to bang that page all over yer SOSYAL NETWURKS… none of yer hide-yer-light-under-a-bushel nonsense here!… if some bloke on the street saw fit to recommend yer book to sumb’dy else, yeez would be tickled pink… so when Amazon institutionalises the recommendations, no better platform exists on the Web to shout it from the rooftops… pick that huckleberry up, cut and paste it to yer heart’s content, and let the WURLD know about it… I do it shamelessly… and here’s the other thing… my pals on here seem  to LUV it… they share it around too… and I do the same when theirs appear... to give yeez a visual, here’s what the last one looked like, and how I used it on Facebook… see yeez later,… LUV YEEZ…


‘…I’m certain now that Amazon.co.uk is trying to make me feel on top of the world, and yes, I know, I know, I know they send these things to all the authors, but when they list ALL FOUR of your titles, #1, #2, #3 and #4, as recommended daily deals, you don’t half feel good ! Thanks Amazon:Kindle

Self-Publishing Steps To Successful Sales
seumas gallacher

Price: £1.86

seumas gallacher

Price: £3.18

seumas gallacher

Price: £3.21

seumas gallacher

Price: £3.21

As The Crow Flies (The DI Nick Dixon Crime Series)
Damien Boyd

Price: £1.99
Learn more



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6 responses to “…Authors, when Amazon pages pander to yer masterpieces, don’t just admire them, use them! …#TBSU…

  1. It is quite flattering whenever I see my book up there in a special place on Amazon, but especially fun when Amazon sends me an email that reads, “You may want to read this mystery … ” and it’s my own book they’re recommending to me! I guess they figure that since my name is similar to that of the book’s author … 😉

    But you are correct, Seumas. If Amazon sees fit to feature our books then we should flaunt that promotion! And those promotions of our fellow scribes’ books


  2. Aunty Ammy sends me e-mails recommending my own book… is this the same thing, or something different that noggins here has missed?




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