…not so much a Bucket List item, more a ‘Just-Do-It-While-Yeez-Still-Can’ kinda gig… #TBSU…

…any of yeez out there over the age of say, 40, will prob’ly well understand the concept of ‘nostalgia’… about a month ago, I posted a blog piece, the sheaf of positive responses to which just blew me away… it was triggered one night when I played a Gaelic song by Runrig, called ‘An Ubhal As Airde’ (The Highest Apple)… and I’ve hardly stopped listening to it since… it conjured up the memories of my arrival in the Scottish Hebridean island of Mull exactly 50 years ago… I left the island after six life-changing years, having acquired some of the local language and some medals for singing it… the story, repeated below in the original post, speaks to that… now, here’s the thing… I rang a friend who still lives in Tobermory on the island, and proposed the crazy idea of me coming back there later this year, and being allowed to present a Learner’s Prize trophy to which I donated some money some years ago… but the real purpose would be to sing with her (her name is Janet Macdonald, nee Tandy-–she won the Gold Medal some years ago in the National Gaelic Mod festival) and another great medal winner, Joannie Kirsop (nee Mackenzie) as we did so often together in ceilidhs back then… and get the lot on video…  the song would be the one referred to above, that Runrig performs on here… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!


…the original post is here :

…Authors, when yeez need a wee flame to re-ignite yer soul, try this music… #TBSU…

…this ol’ Jurassic tries to live by a credo of having only two kinds of day… ‘good’ days and ‘better’ days… and on these intervals when they are merely ‘good’ days, a wee dip into my past life fifty years ago as an apprentice banker in the glorious Isle of Mull in the Scottish Hebrides never fails to render it into a ‘better’ day… only those who’ve lived amongst a community such as those in the Highlands of Scotland will get close to understanding the ties of the heart that bind yeez forever to a place… my early years were formulated in Docklands Govan in Glasgow, also populated with some of the salt of the earth, people who usually had little in the way of tangible things to give, but offered freely of their kindness to others… but a special kinship belongs to the smaller village-style communities such as those that welcomed in a callow youth of barely 15 years… estranged from a big city family (the tale of which can wait for another day), the good people of Tobermory in Mull enveloped me with a warmth of society I’ve never encountered since…


…back in them days, I occasionally plinked away at a guitar and warbled an even more nasal version of ‘Blowing in the Wind’ thanMaster B. Dylan himself… it didn’t take long to be persuaded to learn some gaelic songs… two wunnerful lady schoolteachers were ‘donated’to me, one to teach me the gaelic, and one to drill me in the music (in the delivery of gaelic songs the meaning of the words weighs more than even the music itself)… after that I was ‘entered’ in gaelic-singing competitions locally and nationally at what the Scots Gaels refer to as‘the Mod’ (the Welsh have their equivalent in the annual Eisteddfod)… history will show I was fortunate enuff to garner a pile of prizes… but the greatest reward of all was the lifelong love instilled in me of pure Celtic music… if yeez have any romance at all in yer soul… if the Music of the Gods means anything to yeez, yeez’ll understand what I mean… and if even if yeez don’t understand it… yeez can still enjoy it, (above) …  Runrig, with ‘An Ubhal as Airde’... (‘the Highest Apple’)… go on… turn yer day into a ‘better’ day… have a listen, and enjoy… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ




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10 responses to “…not so much a Bucket List item, more a ‘Just-Do-It-While-Yeez-Still-Can’ kinda gig… #TBSU…

  1. Ken MacAulay

    I well remember a young Joannie Mackenzie, Seumas as well as her dad, Pibroch , a fiddler. I believe Joannie also had a sister who sang, but her name escapes me. Not inexcusable after my short stay on Mull after 45 years! It would be a lovely trip to go back and renew acquaintances, while there are still some left.


    • …hi, Ken.. Pibroch was a great fiddle player… he couldn’t read a note of music . it was all in his head… remarkable musician… Joannie’s older sister is Anne, and the younger sister is Fiona.. I spent many evenings getting p*ssed in their house, with great ceilidh music.. these girls could really harmonise… Joannie married John Kirsop’s son, also John, who now owns and runs McGilp’s garage 🙂 would be grand if you could make it back also this year .. the local mod is september 12 and 13… I intend to be there for the week starting on the 12th 🙂


  2. I shall be at the Llangollen International Eiseddfod this year but no need to run away screaming, I won’t be singing. I shall be listening with delight to Celtic music performed by people the world over as well as by Celts themselves. Hmm, I suppose I might trill along, get your earplugs at the ready.


  3. OH WOW! To sing with those two ladies is a dream I hope comes true FER YEEZ Seumas 😀


  4. That’s the most awesome ‘not a bucket list’ thing to do I’ve ever heard. I can’t wait to see the video! There must be video!


  5. Jane Thorne

    You are a man of many talents and I love these heart memories of yours. Pure Celtic music is sublime. 🙂


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