…K.A.Brace’s poetry makes for an intriguing Guest Post… enjoy… #TBSU…

…it’s amazing and gratifying to welcome a range of content on the Guest Post roster… today, enjoy the thoughts of my good friend, K.A.Brace, with this offering :

This Road

No road takes you any place out of kindness
Or wishes you ill along the way to a destination.

This road is just a road now, no longer goes
The places I know to be waiting around some bend
Over a hill, beyond some trees, down this road.

I can think of a hundred other ways to go,
Roads that hold out promise of a kind to know.

Then this road comes to mind again and I realize
I have studied it so closely now I can tell by touch
When the weather is about to change and distance
Goes on forever the closer you get to it and remember
Just how long this road can be when it no longer
Is the way you are sure of takes you home.

There will be other roads taken by habit, out of love
And most from curiosity for things to be seen
For other than what they are or can be.

I will find the road that will be perfect for a time
But will grow tired of its familiarity and finally go
Off of roads completely, across fields into meadows
Through forests, mountains, perhaps a desert too.

All my traveling will bring me to the great ocean
And I will see that all directions are possibile
Held out to me however I decide, realize
No one and final road I have looked for actually exists;
It is enough to be on a journey to find where you are.

To Travel Without a Map:
Poems: Mr. K. A. Brace: 9781493643004: Amazon.com: Books

…you can find more of this good material by following his blog on

… thanks for sharing yer WURK with me, K.A.,
…see yeez all later… LUV YEEZ!…


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