…as the FIFA WURLD Cup progresses, a wee thought and a smile or three about football… #TBSU…

…about a hundred years ago, this ol’ Jurassic played football in Glasgow with a (then) top flight football team, Third Lanark… the LUV of the game has remained with me ever since, although it must be said I never noticed the gradual introduction on the field of so many delicate ballerinas and diving experts until it was too late… that aside, the game has always, thankfully, had its share of humour to enjoy, along with the grace and skills of players I was privileged to watch live… Georgie Best, Denis Law, Alan Gilzean, Gordon Banks, the great Bobby Moore (I also saw him play in his later career for a while in Hong Kong)… the humour has ever been a built-in element of the game… the crowd commentary, sometimes from a solo voice, often from a more concerted chanting or singing (with amended versions of the lyrics to suit the occasion)… in more recent times, a good footballer, still doing his stuff at Queens Park Rangers in London, centre forward Bobby Zamora was involved in one of the strangest goals ever seen… versus the mighty Liverpool, he shot toward goal, and the ball bounced off an encroaching beach ball (which a Liverpool fan had thrown on the pitch), deflected and fooled the goalie…a goal was awarded!… in a subsequent poll to vote for the most skilful  forward in the League, fans voted Master Zamora second… the Beach Ball was voted first!…



…the wit of the football fan is undiminished… another excellent footballer, goalkeeper Andy Goram, playing at the time for Glasgow Rangers was apparently diagnosed with a mild form of schizophrenia… I understand that schizophrenia is a serious affliction for those who suffer from it, and I would not dare make fun of that in itself, but the fun-poking was evident when Rangers played their big rivals, Celtic, and the opposition fans started to sing ‘There’s only two Andy Gorams!‘… and so it goes on… ‘way back, I remember with great wincing the times when a football struck the tender parts of this budding Scottish Maradona’s groin… it brought tears to the eyes and other parts, believe me… only to be greeted with the exhortation from my teammates… ‘don’t rub ‘em—count ‘em!’… meanwhile, I’ll just go and have a peek at what the Bolshoi Ballet lookalikes are doing on the soccer pitches in Brazil this evening… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!


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11 responses to “…as the FIFA WURLD Cup progresses, a wee thought and a smile or three about football… #TBSU…

  1. laurie27wsmith

    Love this Seumas, don’t rub em, count em. I have to agree about the football ballerinas, dilettante comes to mind there. 😉


  2. Bobby Z was at Brighton and for a while we suddenly did really well, until he went to Tottenham, I think it was before QPR.

    As for Suarez well, I reckon that if Liverpool are pissed off they should be suing him, for being a twat not fifa for punishing him (scuse my french). We are all responsible for our own actions,




  3. Reblogged this on olbigjim and commented:
    I’m loving the World Cup this year and the great scribe, Seumas Gallacher shares his wit, making it even more enjoyable! Read it and chuckle!


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