…Zuluism?… it’s not what yeez think it is… #TBSU…


…any so-called ‘pearls of wisdom’ that may accidentally or otherwise escape from my brain are the result of direct plagiarism… I get most (read, ‘all’) of my ‘brilliant’ concepts from people much more insightful than this ol’ Jurassic will ever be… today’s post is no exception to that ROOL… but I think it’s worth passing on to yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… ‘Zuluism’… lots of yeez of a certain age will conjure up visions of the be-horsed, splendidly red-tunic-ed Michael Caine in his first great epic role in Stanley Baker’s ‘Zulu’… showing the ubiquitous Master Caine’s photo here’s just my wee ploy to get yeez to read further… here’s what ‘Zuluism’ really is… imagine yeez live in a small village in the middle of England, and yeez’ve just seen the movie… yer interest is piqued… yeez want to learn more about Zulus… where better to source information than at yer local library? (remember, ‘Zulu’ premiered in 1964, predating the internet by at least a generation)… at the local library they find one book with a half a chapter on Zulus… that doesn’t take long to polish off, and yeez are still interested to learn more… a trip to the nearest big town, and its library yields four books, all about Zulus… about a month later, yer appetite for knowledge undiminished, yeez decide to travel to London, and assail the Mitchell Library…. Eureka!… 148 tomes devoted to Zulus, by every conceivable authority on the subject…. thus begins a five-year program of visits to the Great Mitchell House of Books, until ultimately, yeez have devoured every scrap of knowledge on Zulus… result?… the official global expert on Zulus is yerself!… now, change the subject to anything esoteric yeez choose… Himalayan yak habits… Elizabethan Age ladies fashions… the Ancient Monarchies of Ethiopia… yeez get the picture, right?… whatever it is… becoming the ‘go-to’ person for information on yer chosen subject, on which yeez have become the residual fount of knowledge… that’s ‘Zuluism’… yeez are most welcome… no need for thanks… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!

zuluu 2




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6 responses to “…Zuluism?… it’s not what yeez think it is… #TBSU…

  1. A old family friend was the acknowledged expert about… hmm… I think it was an obscure metaphysical poet. This is exactly what she used to say. I remember her deflecting my awe at the news she was a world expert by telling me pretty much that exact thing. Pick a small subject and you can soon know more about it than anyone else. I think there’s some truth in it, but I think it’s also a rumour spread by modest world experts, playing down their knowledge.




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