…hail, Fellow Scribblers and Bloggers… well met, even if it’s only virtual, I salute yeez all… #TBSU…

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…through the centuries, various discoveries and inventions have massively impacted and revolutionised Mankind and Mankind’s behaviour… the wheel… writing… medicines… flying machines… guns… telephones… radio… television… electricity… and I’m sure yeez can think of dozens more examples… in the last half-generation, one of the major transformational elements has been the internet… this ol’ Jurassic almost missed out on the phenomenon of the Web entirely, if not for the accident of falling under the attraction of evolving into a self-publishing quill-scraper… part of the continual ‘business’ practice of being a modern scribe, is the need to be ‘present and counted’ on the SOSYAL NETWURKS… and that involves communicating with others on here… for some misguided (in my ‘umble opinion) souls, that equates to gathering as many ‘contacts’ as they can… yeez will see from time to time a proliferation of scamsters offering to ‘sell’ yeez gazillions of ‘followers’ (‘quantity’) on Twitter for a fistful of dollars… let me tell yeez, it takes time to develop, nurture and maintain these precious links… and money can’t buy ‘quality’… ignore the Web snake-oil salesmen… I’ve been privileged thus far to accrue a significant number of connections on all the channels I use to propagate my stuff, but it’s a reciprocal WURLD… the more yeez give of yerselves… yer time… aye, even yer LUV, to others on here, the more yeez are likely to receive… I saw  a post yesterday on Facebook from a man who learned that one of his ‘virtual’ pals had passed away… they had never met, but the bonding they had experienced over a number of years was as strong and palpable as any face-to-face friendship… I feel that way about so many of the great pals I’ve linked up with these past few years… there’s little room nor time on the internet for some of the customary bullsh*t that so often attends so-called ‘real’ relationships… and I for one am grateful for that… so, if yeez’ll allow me a moment of reflection… hail, Fellow Scribblers and Bloggers… well met, even if it’s only virtual, I salute yeez all… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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20 responses to “…hail, Fellow Scribblers and Bloggers… well met, even if it’s only virtual, I salute yeez all… #TBSU…

  1. I really love some of my internet friends no less than any other sort of friends. I feel their happiness, and pain sometimes, and I would hate to ever lose their friendship – so they better all outlive me.


  2. Karen Soutar

    Absolutely agree that online pals can be ‘real’ pals. This year I’ve actually met up with two of them in ‘real life’ and we had a great time! Kind of like meeting a penpal from my younger years (you’ll know what a penpal is, Seumas, the youngsters reading this’ll be saying ‘What..?’) 😉


  3. Loved and re-blogged. Luvs yew too BigMan


  4. Hi Seumas – I know what You, Jo, Karen and Ailsa mean – I was fortunate enough to get to know Author Steve Smy online (we never actually met) and even work with him on some of his books, before he passed on to his Great Adventure in the next world – his passing hit me just as hard as it would if a friend I met daily suddenly died.
    I may never meet YOU Seumas, but I know Abu Dhabi, was in AD Scottish Society and learned how to reel (without a DRAP o’ alcohol being imbibed) and can relate to you through your writings, where you live and what you do and say on your blog and in your missives to me.
    To me, that makes you just as much a friend as those I have here.


  5. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog….. An Author Promotions Enterprise! and commented:
    I whole heartedly agree with Seumas on this article 😀


  6. Reblogged this on mira prabhu and commented:
    Reblogging this neat post because I too tenderly collect friends on the internet…which all self-published authors must do – or die! As Chris says here, quality better than quantity…i get to know and love my cyber-pals…


  7. laurie27wsmith

    We luv yez right back Seumas. 🙂


  8. Very true, Seumas. Sometimes I feel I know my fellow scribes on the net better than I know ‘real’ friends. We probably all reveal more than we realise.


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