…for a while as a lad, I was quite stuck on stamps… a flat-out philatelist…#TBSU…


…in a previous kinda reminiscent post, I mentioned about pen-pals and the dearth of that endangered species since the advent of the Internet… a corollary to that may well be the receding interest in philately (stamp-collecting, Mabel…no, not the Green Shield stickers yeez get for shopping at yer local mart—postage stamps)… at one time, I can recall almost everybody in our school had a stamp collection… the interest grew from sticking a few used peeled-off stamps from letters received from people who happened to have uncles and aunties living overseas… some relatives  were in the Armed Forces and travelled all round  the WURLD and many other places… progressively, the more advanced hoarders traded amongst themselves, with a few entrepreneurial souls acting as ‘agents’ for the biggest Philately-Providers-Paradise—Stanley Gibbons of London… wee packages of assorted bunches of low-priced stamps scattered among more targeted issues of a price range a tad more expensive… visits to the local public library (emb’dy remember them?) yielded the annual almanacs from the aforesaid Messrs Gibbons, with all the stamps from around the globe illustrated…


…the art of adhering the pieces into yer albums was a thing of dexterity… yeez had to ensure the hinge effect was near enuff to the top of the rear of the stamps, otherwise yeez couldn’t lift them properly with yer tweezers, and risk tearing the bluudy things to bits… oh, the excitement and living on the edge that could sum’times be the trainee philatelists’ lot!… the eternal quest of course was to discover a Penny Black or a Twopenny Blue  from Britain… the chances of that were about five trillion squillion to one… but that didn’t dampen our fervour in believing that one day we might come across one of these treasures… exotic sounding places back then included San Marino, which made an industry out of its stamp production… no self-respecting album would be seen without a selection of their splendid coloured offerings… the more difficult ones were those which came from countries whose language script was other than Romanised… having to distinguish among Russian, Hungarian, Indian, Thai (Siamese then), and the impossibility of separating Chinese, Japanese, and Korean stamps… reverting to the ol’ Gibbons Guide was the only  remedy… I wonder if Messrs Gibbons will ever get around to issuing an annual guide to Blogs… they seem to have taken over much of the international postal communications… so why not?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ! 🙂




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3 responses to “…for a while as a lad, I was quite stuck on stamps… a flat-out philatelist…#TBSU…

  1. laurie27wsmith

    I remember seeing some graffiti, it read, Stamp out philately!


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