…a ‘Chinese burn’ with a different ‘twist’… #TBSU…

…it seems a lot of yeez enjoyed the (true) story I posted yesterday about the Society Dame in Noo Yawk and the Chinese gentleman… in similar vein, this may also tickle yeez… I WURKED for many years in Hong Kong, from 1980 onward, and thoroughly enjoyed the experiences there… the stories it threw my way are the stuff of anecdotal gold dust… this one (also allegedly true) is a particular favourite… the late seventies and early eighties saw a flood of expatriates into the colony, many from the UK… many of us, young professionals all, came off the plane, wide-eyed and a tad wet behind the ears… the majority knuckled down and got as integrated with the local ways as best we could… others, unhappily, brought with them an attitude that served no-one well, let alone themselves… these became classified as the ‘pin-striped Hooray Henrys’


…some with a tenuous command of their own language, complaining that much of the 98% local Chinese-speaking population couldn’t talk to them in English… in their own heads Masters-of-the-Financial-Universe that was the thumping, vibrant, business community that Hong Kong represented… corporate expenses usually stretched to paying for excellent accommodations in the better residential parts of the city… one such Hooray took over a condominium unit from another expat who was leaving to go back to England… the guy exiting offered to have the existing maid, known as an ‘amah,’ continue to service the unit for the newbie…


…the amah’s pay was de minimus, and the Hooray readily agreed… the lady in question was already in her sixties and, admittedly, didn’t move around the flat with any great athleticism during her cleaning duties… after a week or two, Hooray complained to the old amah, that if she didn’t ‘pick her game up a bit’ she’d be fired… she shrugged and carried on regardless… after another couple of weeks, Hooray confronted her with the ultimatum, ’smarten up, or out you go!’… a further week saw no improvement, and our man put the hard WURD on the amah, ‘I want you to leave, now!’… ‘…no, YOU leave!’ she said… he was taken aback…’I don’t think you understand… I want you to leave!’ he shouted at her… ‘no, YOU leave Mistah, YOU too rude to stay here!… me own the building!… YOU leave!!’ …she was the owner of the entire block, and just ‘dusted here and there’ in a few of the units just to keep an eye on her tenants!… I so LUV that story… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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13 responses to “…a ‘Chinese burn’ with a different ‘twist’… #TBSU…

  1. Another good one, Seamus!
    Don’t we just love when arrogant jerks get their comeuppance?

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  2. Great story. Very satisfying!

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  3. Don’t ye just LUV IT When someone with that attitude gets their comeuppance like that 😀

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  4. laurie27wsmith

    Oh my, that is gold Seumas.

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  5. I so hope that’s true.

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    • …it was a famous story back in Hong Kong in those days, m’Lady, so I have no reason to doubt it… Hong Kong was known for rich locals walking around with torn undervests and pyjama-looking trouser bottoms … 🙂


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