…Authors, there’s no need to sell yer soul to the Marketing Devil… just get yer promotional balance right… #TBSU…


…this ol’ Jurassic scribbler has been referred to more than once in the past as a ‘balanced Scotsman’—with a chip on each shoulder... that’s as may be, but I know for certain I’m a kinda 0% or 100% person in most of my undertakings… NUTHIN in between… when I threw the decision switch about five years ago to be a writer, it was of the 100% commitment variety… and I’m LUVVIN IT!… I keep bleating on about the ‘business of writing’, acknowledging that the creative writing part is just one element of the whole process… and prob’ly, comparatively, the easiest piece of it all… much waffle is shared on the Web regarding how much the Author should be involved in the promotional side of the business… in my ‘umble view, it’s paramount to be totally immersed in it… whether or not ye’re an indie quill-scraper, or locked in literary matrimony with that elusive species, a friendly Agent, or even more almost-extinct creature, a willing Publisher, yeez will still have to do the lion’s part of the marketing of yer own wee masterpieces… the simplest access to the WURLD of readership, of course, is the SOSYAL NETWURKIN universe… and it behoves any self-respecting scrivener to be present as much as possible on there without detracting too much from the writing… as with all things, NUTHIN on this planet is perfect, but there are some things which can help yeez to get the balance right… too many times yeez see overdosing on the channels… people who feel that the entire 450 gazillion trillion folks on Earth should stop everything they’re doing immediately and buy their books… doesn’t WURK that way, Mabel… I’ve developed a few guidance things for myself, and I stress this is just how it WURKS for me… yeez all might have different opinions, and why shouldn’t yeez?…


…don’t spam the hell out of the airwaves… don’t bludgeon yer author pals to pieces with requests every ten minutes to help push yer stuff… now, don’t get me wrong… I market constantly… I have only two ROOLS about that, viz: ROOL 1. whatever else yeez do today, do some promotional thing for yer novels, and, ROOL 2.. If yeez are not doing any marketing today, refer back to ROOL 1... balance is the key issue for me… if yeez are in whatever medium, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, the Blog itself, try to make sure that yeez pump out proportionately more material about other folks’ stuff… try to keep yer messages entertaining, interesting, even educational… share with other the things that have been useful to yerselves, and equally, the nonsense that failed miserably… we all live and learn as we go along… there’s no need to sell yer soul to the Marketing Devil… just get yer promotional balance right…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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10 responses to “…Authors, there’s no need to sell yer soul to the Marketing Devil… just get yer promotional balance right… #TBSU…

  1. Well said Seaumus! I’m following your advice to the letter and like your post so much I’m reblogging.

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    This speaks for itself.

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  3. Shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Goodreads and Linkedin.

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  4. Another awesome bit of advice from the master! Thank you, Sir, for being such a great mentor!

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  5. Reblogged this on Author P.S. Bartlett and commented:
    Since I blogged about something similar last night and I want to believe someday I’ll have the smarts and savvy of this man, I’m sharing this blog. I know, I know I share him more than anyone else but his thoughts are always worth sharing.

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