…for Brits of a certain age… how many of these do yeez remember?


…toward the end off the 1950’s, our home in Docklands Govan was invaded by a visitor who’s presence would rule our lives forever more—television… television in the form of a four-foot high polished-wood cabinet, framing a 10-inch bevelled screen… two manually operated knobs controlled the volume and the channels… none of yer remote control mechanism rubbish… and yer transmission colours were black and white… or white and black… with varying degrees of greyness, and ‘screen snow’ depending on external weather conditions affecting yer rooftop aerials… channel choice included Auntie BBC or the local Independent Rediffusion channels, in our case, Scottish Television (STV)— ‘STV’—sounds like an early venereal infection… but, in amongst the mixture of great Cowboys and Indians Western series, Panorama and its splendid documentary coverages, we watched Armand and Michaela Denis traipsing through the jungles of far-off lands, capturing on black and white film the wonders of these distant continents… but  ‘les pieces de resistance’ eventually centred on the novelty of commercial television channel’s slew of advertisements… with jingles that still linger after 50 years… now that’s creating brand recognition for yeez… how many of these do yeez remember?…

…I’m still unable to eat only one of these ‘Caramel Wafers By Gray Dunn, 12 For Only 1/7d’ in a solo sitting…


…and, just imagine the Crooner of All Time, Mister Bing Crosby, warbling about the joys of being able to ‘Keep Going Well, Keep Going Shell’ in an age when a gallon (none of yer ‘litre’ stuff back then) of petrol cost yeez less than yer mortgage payment…



…dentists across the country rejoiced in echoing the fact that ‘Yeez’ll Wonder Where the Yellow Went, When Yeez Brush Yer Teeth With Pepsodent’



…countered by the same dentists’ occupational confection nemesis, ‘Murraymints, Murraymints, Too Good To Hurry Mints’


…for the majority of my countrymen, however, probably one of the more welcome exhortations was in knowing that ‘McEwans Is The Best Buy, The Best Buy, The Best Buy… McEwans Is The Best Buy…The Best Buy In Beer!’


…ah, the simple mem’ries, Mabel, huh?  see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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22 responses to “…for Brits of a certain age… how many of these do yeez remember?

  1. And you proved your everlasting LUV by giving your Sweetheart your LAST ROLLO 😀

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  2. Definition of Time Travel:

    Our first telly, a dark brown bakelite box housing an almost round screen (I think it was one of Logie Baird’s prototypes) revolutionised the house – at six years old I was allowed to watch… a bluudy boxing match (it was all that was on). Then came Redifusion! and finally four channels!

    Then work took me abroad (not at six years old – I was a wee bit older by then). Spain 1982 – 2 channels on TV, both State-owned!

    As I said, Time Travel!
    Best wishes, That Man!

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  3. Seumas, I’m an American so our products were different with the exception of a couple. My dad bought our first set in 1950. He used to watch the Friday Night Fights boxing matches, and I watched them with him. I was probably one of the few little girls who did. Men’s shaving and grooming products were advertized. A test pattern was on a good bit of the time. I used to even watch the live cooking shows for want of anything else. There was a kid’s puppet show, Howdy Doody Time, and a space serial, Captain Video. There were 3 channels and it was free. 🙂 —Suzanne

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  4. Nope, can’t say I remember a single on of these, I’m obviously not a Brit of a certain age.Far too young.

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  5. …oh , yes, that man … far, far, far too young ::):):)

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  6. Ahhhhh….very fond memories…bring ’em back…please! …Stay Cheeky

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  7. laurie27wsmith

    We had a round screen telly that you kept going by feeding pennies into the box on the side. Loved it. The old man worked for Redifusion at the time so he must have cut a deal. He wouldn’t pay for a TV licence so every time it was turned on he’d keep nipping outside to check if the licence van was prowling the street.

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  8. Aaaah I just squeaked in at the end there with Murry Mints and McEwan’s. 😉 I guess that makes me old but not that old.



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