…reading yer own wee masterpiece ‘from a distance’…

…just over two years ago, in July 2012 to be precise, I published on the Great God Amazon the second book in my Jack Calder crime thriller series, VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK… a year or so later, in September 2013, I punched SAVAGE PAYBACK on to the same virtual shop window… and time since then has seen an immersion in the fourth in the series, current Work In Progress, KILLER CITY… why am I repeating all of this, Mabel?… coz, as an avid reader and reviewer of other quill-scrapers’ stuff, I get exposure to the product of many and varied scribblers… lots of them have my respect, and of course, as a fellow traveller on the Amazon-maze, I admire and recognise the sweat, toil and not a few tears that have evidently attended the birth of their respective wee literary babies… on a whim, I decided to re-read VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK… mainly to see if my view of it has changed since typing the last full stop… with no false modesty (not that I’m regularly accused of that attribute), I was gobsmacked… in a positive way… it didn’t seem like my own writing… I enjoyed getting into the narrative, as I’ve done with so many other writers’ books… I had forgotten many of the little nuances and quirks in the storyline, which had taken much late-into-the-night virtual-candlelit-garret labour as the novel was sculpted day after day, night after night… I felt like an escapee ant from the huge anthill… a detached onlooker… some of yeez may think this post is nowt but a puff piece for myself… and yeez are entitled to yer opinions… but yeez would be wrong… in all honesty and, yes, humility, I would recommend to any of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land, to go back and have a read of yer own masterpieces after a distance of some time… it’s okay to like yer own WURK… even better if yeez feel yeez are reading the story for the first time… I’d be interested to know if any of yeez have had the same experience… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!





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10 responses to “…reading yer own wee masterpiece ‘from a distance’…

  1. Seumas, I’m sure the book is a great read, and the cover is a real attention-getter. Great work all round. 🙂 —Suzanne

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    • ..thank you, Suzanne.. I seriously think it’s a good idea (after a while) to go back and reread your own books… improvement is a continuous process… if we stop learning, we’re dead , in my opinion…:):)


  2. That’s a good thing, my man, when your work gives you positive feedback. You can stand back, smile to yourself, and say “I did that.”

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  3. Oh, and Scotland rejected independence. Don’t know what I think of that, but still wishing them the best.


  4. laurie27wsmith

    Good point Seumas, I’m going through my 4th novel and tidying it up. What a great read. 🙂

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  5. Funnily enough, I’ve been having my first book proof read and have been re-reading it as the proof reader goes through. It’s bizarre but it feels as if someone else wrote it because it’s much better than I thought it would be.

    Kind of a nice surprise.



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