…one day in the life of a virtual online book launch party… a helluva buzz…

…yeez may have heard the phrase before, ‘when was the last time yeez did sum’thing for the first time?’… for this ol’ Jurassic, it was yesterday… my heretofore five-year journey on the self-publishing odyssey has recently been augmented by joining forces with Edinburgh-based publishing house, Crooked Cat Publishing… after several weeks of preparation, they have re-launched one of my Jack Calder crime thriller masterpieces, SAVAGE PAYBACK

front view SP

…as part of the ‘drum-beat’ for this auspicious occasion (no, Mabel, not ‘suspicious’, —‘auspicious’) an online virtual ‘launch party’ was organised… and yours truly, of course, with more than a vested interest, being the Author, acted as principal administrator for the event… frankly, I’d no idea what to expect, but approached it with my usual solution for such things… crossed my fingers and jumped straight in… take it as it comes, and see what happens… and what a buzz it turned out to be… for any of the rest of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land out there contemplating a similar track… just do it… it’s great fun… here’s how it spun and Master Gallacher’s journal of the occasion :

January 27th…

6.15 a.m.

…rose, abluted, scoffed some well-burnt toast, and poured a cold Diet Coke (breakfast drink of Champions, in the absence of Irn Bru)…

7.00 a.m.

…switched on the computer, and did my usual lap of honour when it actually lit up, and thus began the party…

…pals started to come streaming online with an abundance of well wishes and congratulations… from all over the WURLD and many other places… some asked where the food and drink was… they were promptly directed to the virtual table, groaning with goodies…


caram…haggis sandwiches, Scottish shortbread biscuits, Tunnocks Caramel Wafers, square-sliced sausages, Forfar bridies, and the centrepiece-de-non-resistance –Fried Mars Bars–, tons of yeez brought online cakes, chocolate, cream, more chocolate, crepes… name it, and it was duly available, and duly scarfed… and for those inclined to indulge other than the aforementioned Irn Bru,


scotchwinesmalt whisky flew like honey dew, and honey dew flew like malt whisky… a caseload of wines from South Africa appeared and were quaffed… Baileys Cream and assorted liqueur-fortified coffees were drained in gallons… and all of a sudden the clock showed:

3.00 p.m.

… where did those eight hours disappear to?… in came the next wave, and the next after that, with connections flying in from all over Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the early risers in the Americas contributing their presence… the interaction was constant, and for me, fabulous fun… so many friends, and then more friends… this, yes this, is what the scribbling family is all about… and along the way, we threw in some musicians who came to the party through the excellent auspices of the You Tube clippage… it wouldn’t have been a Master Gallacher gig without the Massed Pipes and Drums along with Andre Rieu’s Orchestra kicking in with ‘Amazing Grace’… there wasn’t a dry eye on the Web… then Runrig’s ‘An Ubhal As Airde’ (The Highest Apple), just to temper a wee bit of Celtic Gaeldom for yeez… terrific pal, Susan Toy pre-worked the virtual room on my behalf with a surprise You Tube video clip she’d made about this old quill-scraper in his kilt, and showing the cover page for the book… superbly classy, m’Lady, and she also sent over the Happy Song from the sun-blessed beaches of the Caribbean… there are so many names and buddies who came to the party, it would take pages and pages to highlight them all… suffice to say, yeez have all made a happy man very old!… then , equally all of another sudden, the time had sped on to:

2.00 a.m.

…after nineteen hours straight at the keyboard, fatigue had caught up a tad by then, and despite the desire to keep tapping away on the laptop, the hammock beckoned and I think I was fast asleep by:

2.01 a.m.

…result?… apart from a mammoth load of pleasure, it was fabulous to crack open the computer again this morning to see the Great God Amazon UK rankings with the wee baby at #10 in the crime thriller list… way to go, yeez marvellous people…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!… here’s the links:


UK amzn.to/1CHhw01

US amzn.to/15zUsD9

Canada amzn.to/1yXWRli

Australia bit.ly/1yGJ5ok





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37 responses to “…one day in the life of a virtual online book launch party… a helluva buzz…

  1. Well done, That Man! It’s a great book, first of a grand series. Heard James Patterson took the day off – couldn’t stand the competition!

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  2. And you deserve all the accolades you received, kind sir! Congratulations, Seumas, on a successful relaunch of your book and all the best for the entire series!!

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  3. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    The test of a good party is that you enjoy the aftermath just as much.. Seumas had his book launch yesterday and this morning he was #10 on the Crime Thriller List… that was some hell’uva party… well done Seumas…

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  4. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog….. An Author Promotions Enterprise! and commented:
    CONGRATULATIONS to Seumas on his FURST Online Book Launch Party 😀

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  5. Oh no! I missed the shortbread. Glad it went well, but… shortbread 😦

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  6. Ali Isaac

    Well done and a great result! Congratulations!

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  7. Kylie Betzner

    Great party! Really enjoyed it. Seumas, you’re a fun guy!

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  8. Congratulations! And I’m sure the next party will be even better!

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  9. Oh rats! Missed it but…just nipped over to Amazon to add it to my Kindle 🙂 Reading The Violin Man’s Legacy at the moment. Is Savage Payback #2?

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  10. And what a bad friend I was. I just didn’t make it to your big day! My sincerest apologies for not stopping in with a congratulatory word or glass of something bubbly. ❤

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  11. The cream always rises to the top. Congratulations Seumas. 🙂

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  12. Congrats, Seumas. I am so proud for you! Hooray!

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  13. Congratulations, Seumas. I’ve had a huge response to the interview over on Authors to Watch. You’re a very popular guy, and rightly so!

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  14. Congratulations, Seumas! I’m sure we’re all waiting for the next party in a few weeks. You give the best parties on the internet. 🙂

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  15. FB launches are such fun!! I was soo thrilled with my first one..mainly coz of the friends who came…and loved the second. They are exhausting though! I think a real life one might be less so…

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  16. Kudos, Seumas! Well deserved 🙂

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  17. Yee haw! Top job on the rankings me dear. Way to go! I hope it climbs higher and stays in the top 20 for weeks.




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