…ev’ry single sale for an Author is preciousth… my preciousth… don’t ever doubt it…

…yesterday, I posted a piece about the ‘Holy Grail’ for many writers being to achieve gazillions of sales… the pipe dream that makes the long hours, days, weeks, months, years spent in the virtual candle-lit garrets WURTH it all… be that as it may, I still read regularly of the dismay of those whose expectation fulfilments reach NUTHIN like these ginormous chart-busting levels…so, p’raps a wee WURD from this ol’ Jurassic may be timely… I acknowledge I’ve been luckier than most in that my own wee literary babies seem to have found favour in an extensive readership in the tens of thousands… with no false modesty, it confounds me…


…but, of course, I’m delighted with such numbers, and confess I still have more than a passing interest in how the regular drawdown figures are faring… my point, however is this—when my first Jack Calder masterpiece, The Violin Man’s Legacy, not so much rolled off the Kindle presses, rather it kinda fell off the back of the eBook wagon and scrambled back aboard, the first month’s sales totalled all of 80 pieces… compared to the drawdowns since then, that number seems almost insignificantly small… but let me assure yeez, it was not small to Master Gallacher


…I can still summon that feeling of elation I experienced back then… it was the breakthrough realisation that for better or worse, I was now irrevocably married to being an Author… ever since that first month, I describe myself as that… I’m an Author… I’m not a ‘wannabe Author’… not ‘sumb’dy giving it a shot’… and I can tell yeez that it still gives me a tremendous buzz to see any movement on the sales columns… ev’ry single sale for an Author is preciousth… my preciousth… don’t ever doubt it… better yet, being able to eyeball my own books on the shelves of local book stores far surpasses the impersonality of the Great God Amazon’s algorithms… I hope I never lose that feeling… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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14 responses to “…ev’ry single sale for an Author is preciousth… my preciousth… don’t ever doubt it…

  1. An inspiring post. If I could reach 80 sales TOTAL I’d be elated 😉

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  2. I’m sure it must be a wonderful felling, Seumas. 🙂

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  3. April

    Your writing is amazing. Tough with feeling. I am sure your success is down to that plus your amazing marketing skills and personal charisma. I count myself lucky to be an FB friend.

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  4. I’m with the 80 sales guy. I am disappointed but at the same time, my conspicuous lack of literary success is nothing I hadn’t prepared for… I’d just kind of hoped… 😉 Never mind, I’m working on it.



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  5. Every single sold piece is a postive vibe.

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  6. So glad to hear of your success. If you don’t mind my asking, where do most of your sales come from?

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    • up until now i was self-publshed, and all my sales/downloads were solely on Amazon, apart from books I had printed myself in the Middle East , where I have them in a few of the major retail book distributors… recently I have joined up with Crooked Cat Publishing and we are midway into the process of relaunching my three crime fiction back list titles, which will broaden the channel reach… on Amazon the main market has been the UK followed by the USA and a few in Canada…. cheers , m’Lady, Toni 🙂


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