…Authors, if yeez don’t believe in yerselves, how do yeez expect others to believe in yeez?…

…there’s NUTHIN wrong with continually challenging yerself… regardless of whatever career path/vocation/profession comes along… and there will inevitably be times that feel more comfortable than others regarding yer progress… for quill-scrapers, the Emotional Swingometer of how yeez feel about yer WURK can reach both ends of the scale several times in the same day… ‘I LUV my book/I hate my book/I LUV my book’ syndrome is common… I’m sure yeez’ve all experienced it… I’ll hark on about sum’thing I’ve quoted often in this Blog page… if yeez think yeez can be successful, yeez are prob’ly right… if yeez think yeez cannot be successful, yeez are also prob’ly right… it’s an easy choice… if need be, discipline yerself not to read early reviews of yer masterpieces… good or bad… they are both seductive… wait until a bunch of them have accumulated over time… the trend will be apparent then… in business over several decades, I’ve been in privileged positions of managing and running teams from small groups of people, to medium sized divisions, to entire corporations… and always, always, always, I looked for the volunteers for the tough assignments… the ones whose hands went up when asked, ‘who’d like a shot at this?’


…the confidence factor is paramount in all areas of living… believing things are possible… making stuff happen… refusing to accept initial setbacks… the same philosophy applies to yer writing… practice is good, more practice is even better, constant practice is best… good authors become great authors through continuous on-the-job learning… improvement… usually incremental gains rather than phenomenal victories… by the way, rejection slips from Agents/Publishers are par for the course… and often these are more judgemental of the person turning yer manuscripts  down, rather than of the material itself… as Master K. Rogers hints in the clip above, …Authors, if yeez don’t believe in yerselves, how do yeez expect others to believe in yeez?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!…



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9 responses to “…Authors, if yeez don’t believe in yerselves, how do yeez expect others to believe in yeez?…

  1. judyzilla

    Seumas, I couldn’t agree with you more. The same with love – if you don’t love yourself, how can anyone else? Thanks for sharing this.

    Lady Judy Nappa 🙂

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  2. I’ve always been one to judge my abilities and then give it a try, Seumas. It’s worse not knowing at all. It a person doesn’t try theyll always wonder and that ‘s worse. I also think, “What have I got to lose?” 🙂

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  3. Absolutely agree me old kilted mate. We are judged by how we judge ourslelves and as writers,we are often so unkind to ourselves in a way that we’d NEVER be to another writer.

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    • ..and it’s OKAY to like our own stuff…. by the way , I downloaded the first Cully novel about a week or so ago after reading the terrific Honour and Obey… will get to it soon…know I’m gonna enjoy it, m’Lady, Carol 🙂


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