…sweet dreams are made of this… ev’rybody’s got one…

…it’s not that long ago when Master Richard Gere and that nice Julia Roberts lassie romanced the heck out of us in Pretty Woman… quite apart from the fabulous theme tune by the incomparable Roy Orbison, there’s a bit at the end of the movie that sticks with me… as the closing credits roll, a guy walks across the set and says, ‘this is Hollywood… everybody’s got a dream’LUV that!… and so it is to be well borne in mind, fellow quill-scrapers, when yeez write yer masterpieces… yeez are in the business of creating dreams… one of the biggest reasons I read is to escape into the fantasy of sumb’dy else’s imagination… sumb’dy else’s dreams… the creative juices are unlimited when an Author is the God of all that he/she controls within the pages of their narrative… forget for a minute the standardised formulae for writing a story… yes, yes, yes, I know, Mabel, there’re ROOLS to be followed, like give it a start, a middle, and an ending–and all the other good stuff like plot development, character arcs, and suchlike… but the dreams that flow from the scribbler’s psyche are much more important… without the dream, there is no story… without the dream, there is no escape valve for yer readers… and daft as it sounds, without the dream, there is no dream


…I watch and observe people every day going about whatever they go about… kids, families, employees, taxi drivers, waiters, managers, hotel guests, travellers… folk I meet in elevators… they all have dreams… they don’t say that, but yeez just know… give them half a chance to talk to yeez, and the dreams in one form or another come flowing out… it’s called living… sum’times it’s ambition… sum’times it’s just putting one foot in front of the other to make it until tomorrow… but all dreams nonetheless… and as Authors, yeez are all dream-makers… enjoy… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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9 responses to “…sweet dreams are made of this… ev’rybody’s got one…

  1. So true, Seumas…here’s to dreams!!

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  2. spartacus2030

    I write about my life, and my life IS my dream… I dream while I’m awake. I present truth. People hate me for it, and that makes me happy. LOL! My own truism is: ‘Everything is backwards!’ But you are right. Making up stories is much more open to our creative side… It takes all kinds to make a well rounded blogging platform: something for everybody. Just love The Eurythmics! My fave is: ‘Would I Lie to You?’ Interesting entry. Great theme!

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  3. You’d think after all these thousands of years we’d have run out of the variety of dreams possible, but it doensn’t seem to happen. 🙂

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  4. laurie27wsmith

    This is quite serendipitous Seumas, I’ve been singing this song all day. Bit of an ear worm and here it is on your post. Yes, one has to dream.

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