…lessons from Michaelangelo for this ol’ Jurassic Author…


Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni left his mark on history in so many ways, but my grateful thanks to whoever edited his name to Michaelangelo… an obscure little anecdote about him came my way a while back, and like lots of stuff clattering around in my wee gray cells, being trivia, it takes pride of place over so-called ‘more important’ data… he was visited one day by a friend who was about to embark on a three-year trip around wherever these guys tripped around back then… our Micky had almost completed a fine marble sculpture of a youth…


…the pal remarked on its elegance, and clinked a farewell goblet of Greek Tesco’s finest wine with the master… on his return three years hence, the friend returned to Micky’s studio to observe the same sculpture properly and politely plonked on its plated plinth… ‘what do yeez think of it, now?’ asked the great man… the mate peered closely, pondered for a few moments and replied, ‘I don’t see any changes, Micky?… ‘ah, yeez aren’t observing well enuff,’ said Micky, (in Classical Greek, of course) ‘see how this muscle looks stronger, the eye looks keener, the cut of his jib looks firmer’lessons-for-this-ol’-Jurassic-Author time… spending hours on developing the characters in yer narratives can be, p’raps should be, a slow, growing process, particularly if yeez are writing a series as I am with the Jack Calder crime thrillers… I’ve discovered that the focus I sum’times give to building up the minor character roles would be better turned on to revealing another layer of one of the main protagonists… Jack may not need further descriptive prose on his muscle strength, eye flintiness, or jib-carriage, but emotional teaser tidbits, ‘what-really-makes-him-tick’ stuff is always good… right, off yeez go on yer three-year jaunts… I’ll catch yeez when yeez get back… and ease up on that looting and pillaging nonsense, huh?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!


wall copy 2


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10 responses to “…lessons from Michaelangelo for this ol’ Jurassic Author…

  1. Love this idea of gently chiselling away. Like you, I’m writing a series and it challenging to move the main characters on and add little bits of new detail. Mind it’s just as frustrating to look back at the first one and think – damn, wish I hadn’t saddled them with this or that trait..which I now have to factor in to the thinking process.

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  2. Rosa Ave Fénix

    I envy people who can write properly making up stories, even about very well known old people as Michaelangelo the great sculptor. Regards from Barcelona, Spain.

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  3. Seumas, thanks for sharing. It’s always a pleasure to drop in and read what you have to say. (after a brief translation of course 😉 ) I’m looking forward to you sharing more of your youthful encounters with other historical figures. Cheers.

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  4. I love Michelangelo. Having seen his David not very long ago I understand his eye for detail. Keep on chipping away….:)

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  5. I’m no where as smart as Michelangelo, nor have his particular patience as to detail, 😀 :-D. I’m just s.l.o.w.
    Like the Mickey story.


  6. I’ve lived long enough to think up some great characters. All I have to do is mix and match. Truth is often, as we know, stranger than fiction. 🙂


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