…oh, Lawd, it’s hard to be humble… ‘specially as a modern-day Author…

…it’s the primary major bane of many current Authors, self-published and otherwise… how to be dual-, and sum’times, tri-personality-ed… conventional wisdom now dictates that being just a quill-scraper is hardly gonna cut the literary mustard… yeez have to role-chameleon-ise yerselves… scribbler, proofreader, copy checker, cover art director, sales and promotional officer, business planner… and the oftentimes most difficult role of all… head barker, primary shouter-out of yer wares to the WURLD at large… to some it comes more readily than others… this ol’ Jurassic has never been classified as shy and retiring, so I find it fairly simple… but I try to make it fun… how much less complicated it all appears when yeez can have a laff while yer doing sum’thing… p’raps it’s useful to do as I do with it… consider yerselves in the business of writing… if it were any other business, yeez would have no issue with trumpeting yer products, services and merits to yer markets… the same thing holds with being a writer… now, don’t mistake me, there’s an enormous gulf of difference between properly promoting yer masterpieces and spamming… don’t spam!… don’t spam!… don’t spam!... however… there’s nowt wrong with being proud of yer wee babies… and if yeez can’t tell the reader universe about it, how are they gonna know?…


…a WURD on using the SOSYAL NETWURKS to get yer message out–I find it acceptable to wrap yer promo stuff around plenty of other shout-outs for other authors and their WURK… it’s not a competition with yer fellow scribblers… there’s room for any amount of decent material… and when the sales numbers start to tick upward, be delighted with even one sale/download at a time… every one is precious, coz every one means sumb’dy has seem fit to wanna read yer product… now, off yeez go, get yer throat warbling… sell gazillions, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!


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11 responses to “…oh, Lawd, it’s hard to be humble… ‘specially as a modern-day Author…

  1. I’ve always stumbled around the marketing, especially lately. Never been a big shouter even on social media. Many of the sites seem to be doing nothing for me anyway. Just have to keep trying though. It really is hard to find that sweet spot between ‘nothing’ and ‘spamming’.

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    • …it IS tricky, admittedly, Charles… getting that ‘balance‘ right… i link all my blog posts (almost daily event) to all my social networks, and try to concentrate on making the blog my ‘Author’s Brand’ as distinct from the novels which have my ‘Author’s Voice’… that way, i try to become more of a person and a friend to anyone who sees fit to communicate with me… and that’s where the fun can be had, too.. cheers, that, man:)


      • That’s what I’ve been doing with my blog. It helps me be active on so many platforms without having to jump to each one. Not sure how authors who do that have any time to write the books. I’m still figuring out what to write about these days. Easy during a ‘hype week’ like now, but gets difficult when I don’t have any real direction. Doesn’t help that I did 2 years of daily blogging, which drained my subject bank. Kind of kicking myself on that one . . . I should probably stop doing that before I break an ankle.


  2. I think most authors ARE humble. We’re lonely souls, because we need to be alone to write. Then we have to shout out to the word about our stories? Jeez, just not fair. But that’s the way it is. You inspire me – I love the way you’re brave and shout out lots. You do it with humor and smarts. Good going.

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  3. I like your style. You promote in such an entertaining fashion, your posts are fun to read. 🙂


  4. Thank you so much, Sir! That is my all time favorite Mac Davis song (ever since I saw it on The Muppet Show as a wee little tyke) and the video made me love it all over again. For the promoting part, I try to live with Tony Stark’s advice to Bruce Banner in the movie The Avengers: “You’re tip-toeing, Big Man. You need to strut.” It’s a hard thing to remember to do or be comfortable with, but nobody else is going to do it for us… Thanks for the reminder!!!

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  5. Eirv Knox

    You have never been accused of being shy! Good piece, keep it up!

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  6. I try to be a good sport and help other writers. It always pays to have a sense of humor and be a friend to others. I always try to get along with neighbors whether they’re next door or on the internet. 🙂


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