…Authors, avoid the ’lobster bisque’ syndrome…

…it happened so long ago, it had almost been relegated from my mem’ry, but sum’thing triggered a replay in my mind yesterday… picture if yeez will a fine-dining restaurant in one of the swankier Manila hotels in the Philippines… early evening dinner, and being the hungry gannet I usually am, I was first in the door to allow the maitre de to ‘try to find us table’ in a room with about eighty empty places… the good man led us to a nice, horseshoe-shaped, leather-backed booth, neatly placed against the back wall… very comfortable… the only two guests in the place, myself and a visiting pal… the menu was top-rate, and our orders were duly taken… five minutes later, the maitre de was in action again… the second pair of guests had arrived…


…an older European fellow, prob’ly packing a pension book, and a pretty Filipino lady, who could hardly have been older than 18… a veritable late-autumn/early-spring relationship in the making… apart from myself and my pal, the restaurant was still deserted… however, in the fashion of all good restaurant management techniques, the maitre de placed this second couple at the table adjacent to ours… then the circus began…


…the menus— big, smart, expensive jobs, built obviously to justify the inflated prices, arrived at the next table… the young lady appeared flummoxed with the responsibility of choosing her food… the noble veteran with her explained… with interpretation so loud that we could hardly miss overhearing… ‘lobster bisque, my dear–that’s bisque with lobster in it’… ‘snails in pastry– that’s pastry with snails in it’… and so it continued… I’ll leave the rest of the occasion to yer imagination… I didn’t stay long enuff to see if he paid by credit card… that’s a card with credit in it… the lesson for Authors from that little episode… let yer readers figure out at least the basic stuff…  avoid the ’lobster bisque’ syndrome… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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24 responses to “…Authors, avoid the ’lobster bisque’ syndrome…

  1. dorothymaydekok

    I’m hungry now!

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  2. So what’s spotted dick?

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  3. I’m wondering if you and your friend ate before you left. 😀 I hope readers understand what I write without my going into that much detail. 😀 In the groups I write for, other writers let me know soon enough if they don’t understand. I’m actually glad they do.

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  4. i love lobster bisque and love your posts. that’s ‘posts with love in them.’

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    • ,,,LUVZYA, too, m’Lady… still gonna keep asking if you wanna do a Guest Blog Post on here … that’s a Blog Post with a Guest in it! mwaaah 🙂


    • …whatever date suits you, m’Lady.. I run with whatever copy comes my way unless specifically requested for certain dates…and my ‘Scottish Highlands’ location is currently between Bahrain and Abu Dhabi in the Middle East these days … but always back in Scotland in spirit! :):) mwaah


  5. Made me laugh as usual. A great analogy.

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  6. Lobster is awesome.
    I would go mad if someone explained everything to me. 😦

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  7. Beautifully put. Let’s hope he hasn’t decided to turn a writer… Even worse if he writes about food…

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  8. rhh10@hotmail

    Seuma…. definitely I LUV YEEZ TOO!!!!!!!
    and I love lobster bisque… of course… soup with lobster! hahahahha

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  9. I wondered where you were going with the Lobster Bisque thing, but then ping, the light went on. Brilliant as always and a really good piece of advice – in other words, work under the assumption your readers are not idiots

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  10. So is a blog post a post with blog in it or a blog with a post in? You have me so confused and also hungry. I really want seafood now. I agree, every author must assume that their readers are not idiots. After all they had the intellectual veracity to acquire your book 🙂


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