…I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to be when I grow up…

…age is a number… numbers are squiggles on a piece of paper… Life and Living are far superior to numeric hieroglyphics… wee reminders of that truth are thrown my way ev’ry day if I care to observe them…. yesterday was no exception… early evening in Bahrain, and the scenario is the ‘fine-dining-area’ equivalent in the local shopping mall…. yup, the Food Court… and all the concerted delicacies that McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Tandoori-2-go, and assorted variants of fast foods make accessible whilst yeez sit down and give yer overWURKed credit cards a breather… at the next table along sat two nannies, looking after a pair of young Arabic boys… one of whom must have been all of two and a bit years… the other, his brother, prob’ly pushing four years old… adorable kids… curly-haired, talkative, lively… the younger version was perched on a high chair from which he carried on an enthusiastic conversation with his sibling… and all in perfect English… yes, Mabel, I do understand that particular lingo, foreign as it may be to me… junior had a couple of scratches on one cheek, which were soon joined by dollops of ice cream from a cornetto far larger than his ability to control it…


…that didn’t stop his onslaught on it… I smiled at this nursery-school gourmet, and he rewarded me with the most charming smile in return… and a cheery wave of his non-ice-cream-holder-hand… his brother caught on, and also waved back… a few moments later it was time for me to leave to go re-engage the Merchants of the Mall… as I passed the smaller lad I offered my palm in a high-five… he gleefully smacked it and giggled… I followed up with another… and another… and… before yeez could say ‘Humpty Dumpty’, I was sitting on the floor of the Food Court, playing tag with two of my newest Arabic pals… I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to be when I grow up… the elder explained the scratches on the other’s cheek… ‘we’ve got three puppies’


…that phrase, spoken with all the pride of ownership, carried it all… ‘they’re this high,’ he said, lifting his hand up as far as his brother’s shoulder… I LUVVED his use of the WURD, ‘high’ instead of ‘big’ or ‘tall’… next time yeez see a trio of high puppies, yeez’ll know where they came from… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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15 responses to “…I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to be when I grow up…

  1. Hello! Can you email me? I need to ask you about an article- thanks so much!! Lots of Love, Emily guido(dot)emily(at) gmail

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  2. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Children… so naïve, sweet….. Sumas perhaps we’re the same… but thinking over the age… really neither do I know what I’ll be when I grow up!!!! Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. God forbid Seamus that any of us should grow up. Being childlike at times keeps us young. Want a lollipop?

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  4. Out of the mouths of babes, the sweetest words escape. ❤

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  5. They sound gorgeous. Let’s never, ever grow up

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  6. I have a t-shirt that states “Growing old is mandatory, Growing up is optional” 🙂 ’nuff said

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  7. People have told me I don’t look my age. I give full credit to my children for that. What fun is there in growing up? I can think of lots of reasons not to. Keep fighting it Seumas. 😀

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