…Authors, sum’times yeez just have to stand still and hurt…

…I personally know of no-one who’s had a life completely lacking of any trauma, pain, anxiety and the grab-bag of other ails that inflict an average person’s existence… add in some of the decisions that yeez make during a career, school life, marriage, or relationships, that still linger in yer head as conscience-crushers…the cringe-worthy stuff yeez would rather not have had happen… yeez know what I’m talking about, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… I think we’ve all had them, one way or another… and p’raps consider being a bit kinder to yerselves about these more shadowy mem’ries… it’s what makes each of us human… the frailties… the f*cked-up decisions… the ‘Gawd-I-wish-I hadn’t-done/said/thought/acted-like that’ moments… if yeez are lucky, p’raps a cautionary lesson gets learned… better handled next time, sort of deal… sum’bdy far wiser than I am once told me, ‘sum’times yeez just have to stand still and hurt’… and daft as it may seem, in that hurt often comes the necessary salve… another wee quote points out that frequently art imitates life, and equally life imitates art… carry that thought over into the quill-scrapers’ craft… for those of us who scribble and invent stories for our readership… how often when yeez re-read yer own masterpieces, yeez get surprised by how much yeez wrote, thinking it was all fiction, in fact reflects much of yer own active and subliminal experience… then the realisation sinks in… it’s okay for yer heroes and leading ladies to suffer the proverbial ‘slings and arrows’feelings… yes, Mabel, feelings… even for tough guys like my main man, Jack Calder… allowing him to have ‘wobbly’ turns… positive and negative emotional hits… doubts and, yes, fears… especially fears… the whole credibility of yer characters develops in front of yer laptop… one of the best moments for me in the first ‘bang, wallop, smack’ movie, The Expendables, is when one of the hard men played by Micky O’Rourke, weeps when he remembers not having acted to save a woman’s life in the film… strong stuff… if Micky’s character can stand still and hurt… so can mine… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!


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12 responses to “…Authors, sum’times yeez just have to stand still and hurt…

  1. Wise words from a wise man. Thank you Seamus.

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  2. Great post. There are no truer words. 🙂

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  3. As always, hit the nail on its head….

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  4. I like strong characters that have a side to them that we can relate to. A strong character needs that vulnerable side to show through now and then. It makes them more human, more like us and as readers we WANT to cheer them on because they do have that softer side. Good words Seumas.

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  5. For me at my age, the hardest thing is not huring myself, but watching those I love make mistakes I know will hurt, and they won’t listen to me. I guess most of us have to learn some things the hard way. It does provide material for you if you’re a writer or artist of any kind. You have more you can use to give depth to your work.

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  6. Real life makes real characters – in books and in person. Good post


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