…a wee perspective on ‘POV’… (Authors’ lingo for ‘Point Of View’)

…I could get absurdly silly with this post, so keep me centred here, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… the language that we quill-scrapers sum’times employ to baffle ourselves even further than when we first started this scribbling gig, can be confusing… no more so than with the notorious ‘POV’… ‘Point Of View’… the perspective of whence a particular part of (or even all of) the narrative emanates… it guides the reader into and out of the minds of characters… it can assume the omnipotent ‘overview’… best put, I think is, it lets us know when a ‘switch of direction’ occurs in relation to whose part of the story is currently the focus of attention… it can be managed by devoting entire chapters or episodes to one particular player’s view of the WURLD as it devolves within the novel… or break lines, with a space between passages, or even a neat cluster of tiny ‘stars’ to illustrate where one piece of ‘POV’ ends, and another begins… a bit like the fade-out-and-fade-back-in-again bits of a movie… here’s a true tale from this ol’ Jurassic’s yesteryear to p’raps throw a bit more light on it… when I WURKED in London as a budding-international-financial-universe-mover, there was a clutch of we young Scots installed across the London branches …obviously the English required our natural Caledonian affinity for looking after money to keep them right… one of my colleagues, whose nickname ‘Hammy’ equated to ‘TRUBBLE’, disappeared one day for his lunch…. NUTHIN wrong with that in itself, except he returned post-lunch about an hour late… the Branch Manager asked him why he was delayed… Och, there was a fight on the bus, said the bold Hammy but that should be no reason for you being late, should it?” replied the Manager… Ach,well, y’see, it was ME that was fighting’,” came the response…


…’POV’ nailed, right there for yeez… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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9 responses to “…a wee perspective on ‘POV’… (Authors’ lingo for ‘Point Of View’)

  1. Absolutely! Beautiful use of alternating POV there…:)

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  2. Well put, Seumas. Some rules can be bent, and even broken by a skillful writer breaking out of his envelope, but the POV rule; never. One writer who did break it, repeatedly, was the “carpetbagger” himself, Harold Robbins leaving confusion in his wake. Only when he wrote in the first person did he make sense.

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  3. I enjoy these post about POV. Always informative, a.n.d. entertaining. Enjoyable and enlightening. 😀

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  4. That POV alternated ending up in a fight to the finish. Good illustration, Seumas. 😀

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