…Authors… join me in a ‘Salute to the Universal Reader’…


…the WURLDs of the Arts and of Literature abound with Awards… the Movie Business has the Oscars and the Baftas… writers can strive toward the Nobel Prize for Literature, the Pulitzer Prize, and the Booker Prize…. the Sports Industry hands out gongs to Champion teams, managers, coaches, players, ad inforeverum… the Emmys laud musicians and their offerings… the Olympics take the entire ceremonial praising with medals to a whole new level… but, I’ve yet to see one specifically glaring omission rectified… Awards for Readers… for every WURD, phrase, sentence, paragraph, chapter, or book that comes out of a scribbler’s pen, none of it is WURTH a dime unless sumb’dy reads it… note I don’t say ‘reads it and likes it’… coz not everything that’s written finds applause… and that’s perfectly okay… each to his/her own reading taste…. but even for sumb’dy to judge whether or not they like a piece of writing they must, by definition, read the thing first… the author’s ying is the reader’s yang… the inverse to the obverse… so, I think it’s high time the publishing industry got the balance a bit better adjusted… inaugurate Reader Awards… think how much interest it would add to the already hugely popular pastime of reading… there could be subsections of JONGGRs to consider… and a loftier Award for Reviewers of Books


…now, wouldn’t that encourage more discussion about the merits and demerits of certain authors and titles, and by the way, p’raps put a bit of the missing emphasis on what the reading public actually likes to read?… to my feeble mind, every person who buys/downloads any offering from an author is already at hero status… if any publisher’s reading this, I’d be pleased to give yeez a list of authors who’d give their eye teeth to see an Award like this… look after yer Readers, meanwhile, I invite all Authors to join me in a ‘Salute to the Universal Reader… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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11 responses to “…Authors… join me in a ‘Salute to the Universal Reader’…

  1. Well I was a reader first, then an author…does that mean I can have both? 😉
    It is true, without readers, we writers would be a sorry lot. 🙂

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  2. We who are about to write salute you! Ave, reader! Ave!

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  3. I lift my laptop on high and salute all you readers whoever and wherever you are. 🙂

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  4. Indeed. I suspect I might get more awards as a reader than as a writer, but an award is an award…;)

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