…Authors… it’s okay to let yer hard-ass characters have feelings…

…growing up in Docklands Govan in Glasgow bred a special kinda survival toughness in most of the good folks living there, as indeed, it did in similar slum areas around Britain in the 1950s… Manchester, London, Liverpool, Birmingham, all had their (un)fair share of austerity (the newly-found buzzWURD of politicians it seems)… in retrospect, one of its side effects which may have been grossly misplaced was the notion that males were not supposed to cry


…weeping, sobbing, wailing et al, was apparently the sole property of the womenfolk… a couple of errors of fact exist in that ethos… firstly. the female of the species repeatedly shows itself often more stoic than their opposite gender… and secondly, the act of shedding tears comes as part and parcel of an emotion, and suppressing it is madness… pain is a trigger of course, but the feelings that push the button can include loss of a close friend or family member, it can also derive from a sense of hopelessness, as it appeared back then for many fathers trying in vain to put food on the table daily for their families… and sad indeed in my view is the man who is unable to be moved sum’times to tears with the most beautiful of emotions… this latter tied to music and art, or just honest-to-Gawd humbling unexpected good deeds by sumb’dy yeez never even knew… the first man I ever saw cry was my father… the reason matters not for the telling of this, but I never felt he was any less masculine in the circumstances, and at that moment, I understood it was okay for men and boys to give themselves permission to show vulnerability… in the same manner, I don’t shrink from allowing the tough-ass characters in my novels to let their emotions show on their sleeves when the narrative directs me that way… as a writer, I feel almost duty-bound to reflect that most basic of qualities… human frailty…I  welcome yer thoughts on this, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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4 responses to “…Authors… it’s okay to let yer hard-ass characters have feelings…

  1. I never saw my dad cry, but I saw him tear up more than once. I saw my brother cry and didn’t think any the less of him. There’s a movement on in India urging people to stop telling boys not to cry. The thought is that this holding in of the emotions can result in cruelt;y to others, especially women. I never discouraged my son from crying. Maybe this not crying has something to do with the highter mortality rate of men as compared to women. It’s healthier to get the emotion out. Holding it in, it seems to me, causes physical stress.

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  2. Perfect Suemas. Being moved to tears by events is the natural emotion of the strongest of men. And we should always remember:
    “Heart broken at being too late for his fiend Lazarus’ funeral”

    Jesus wept.
    —The Bible, Gospel of John, 11:35

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