….human timepieces and arithmetical animals in the Scottish Hebrides…

…part of the beauty of exposure to different languages, cultures and communities is the depth and richness of expressions… this ol’ Jurassic’s been privileged to enjoy time living and WURKing in several parts of the earth… from infant and early teens in Docklands Govan in Glasgow, to the unmatched God’s Country that is the Scottish Hebrides in my later teens… thence to the Mull of Kintyre for a year en route to the vast maze that is London for a further ten years… passage to the Far East followed, with Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines my home addresses at various times in a 25-year stay on that continent… dotted amongst these were frequent trips to the USA, many parts of Europe and Australia/New Zealand… and ultimately, for the past decade, the Middle East has been home… each and every one of which had sum’thing fresh, interesting and entertaining to offer if yeez kept yer eyes and ears open… along the way, my wee grey cells seemed to attract the quaint and the fascinating turn of tongue… phrases which stick, alongside the circumstances in which they first appeared… among the earliest of theses were two from the Island of Mull… characters abounded in the persons of the populace, each of whom were real individuals, and as is the way with island-bound societies, everybody was known to everybody else, right down to their family histories, including the colour of socks they wore… nicknames were necessary to differentiate, for example, amongst the dozens or so ‘Willie Macleans’, ‘Mary Macphersons’ or ‘John Macdonalds’… the finest nickname reflected the dry, droll sense of humour on the island when one lad, who, by accident of birth had one arm about four inches longer than the other…. he accepted his physical anomaly with equanimity along with his locally-given Gaelic tag of ‘an gleoc’…in English, ‘the clock’

better clock

…another time I observed sheepdogs operating in the fields, and one dog had a forward leg strapped up to his front… I asked why?… the answer was it was getting too aggressive in rounding the sheep, and had to be ‘quietened down a wee bit’… they called that a ‘multiplication dog’... ‘three down and carry one’...


…I kid yeez not… now my ‘an gleoc’ is showing eating time… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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6 responses to “….human timepieces and arithmetical animals in the Scottish Hebrides…

  1. All that wonderful material for writing at your fingertips! You can only learn those details by experiencing them.

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  2. They sound like a family where everyone knows your good points but aren’t afraid to acknowledge and help you live with your problems. The basic benefit is you’re accepted and you know everyone has problems. You don’t feel singled out. 🙂

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