…for an Author, a wee literary brain burst every now and then can be amazingly satisfying…

…as with many of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land who scribble stories and novels, I’m often asked where the ideas come from for the plots… to date, each of the four books in my Jack Calder crime thriller series has begun in my head as an ‘ending’… I prefer to have at least a rough notion how it all ends… the trip on the way there can take the narrative down many a twisty-turvy path… and that’s before yeez even consider what the characters get up to when they decide where yer novel’s going… another quirk of mine is to get a title as early as possible… that kinda lends a bit of a ‘persona’ to the book for me…


…as some of yeez may be aware, my excellent publishers, Crooked Cat Publishing will be flashing the newly-minted fourth in the series, KILLER CITY, in August, and I’ll be drumming yer ears about that in due course… meantime, back to the batty belfry that houses what’s left of my wee grey cells… I do have the intermittent period of lucidity, conjoined, naturally, with the typical delusions of adequacy… but this afternoon, over a coffee with myself, I began to jot down on a paper napkin the beginning for the next book… I kid yeez not, it all tumbled out so easily… I filled three napkins with one-line headings, which will encapsulate at least two thirds of the newest masterpiece…


…and I epiphanated (it’s a WURD, Mabel… I just invented it…. leave it alone) a title into the bargain… DEADLY IMPASSE… (eat yer heart out Eurozone and Greece)… y’see, writing stuff is a bit like falling off a horse sum’times…. yeez go through all these days, weeks, and extended months of sweat, blood, tears and computer ink… yeez finish it… and then yeez invite all the pain back by climbing on again straight away…. I must be nuts… but I repeat myself… I already said I’m an Author… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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13 responses to “…for an Author, a wee literary brain burst every now and then can be amazingly satisfying…

  1. …mega -mwaah, m’Lady 🙂


  2. Don’t we all wish we had “brain bursts” like that that ending up in successful novels, Seumas. Great gift. As we say in the U.S., “You’re on a roll. 😀

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  3. You are nuts Seumas, and we love you for it! Especially as we understand exactly where you’re coming from. I have books fighting in the queue to be the next one to write and I often have to tick them off and tell them to be quiet while I finish what I’m currently writing. They shuffle their feet and hang their heads, mutter ‘sorry’ but as soon as I turn my back they start again….

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  4. Great! You’re off again!

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  5. I may not be as prolific or celebrated as you, Seumas, but I share that quirky habit of the title coming almost at the beginning of the process… except my novels are early drafts with great titles.

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