…Authors… a wee bit of perspective on the perennial nonsense about ‘rankings’…


…there can be little argument that Aunty Internet and the SOSYAL NETWURKS have transformed the publishing industry, for both self-publishing and traditional house publishing… the merits and demerits are discussed, lauded, moaned about, praised and pummelled in turn, depending on who’s point of view is currently in vogue… I’ll ‘fess up, I’m a full-bloodied fan of all of it… as a comparatively recent ‘joiner’ seven years ago into the wunnerful global scribbling family, the enthusiasm is still fresh with me… and the great beauty in all of this, is that everyone of us is entitled to our own opinions on just about anything on here to do with our writers’ craft… and as yeez prob’ly know, I’m not shy about sharing mine… my interest is being grabbed more and more by the ongoing Great God Amazon readers reviews debacle, about which I blogged the other day… and it occurs to me, that possibly a more important ‘sub-plot’ in there is the issue of ‘rankings’ for titles… ‘coz, ultimately, the reviews are an integral part of the whole pattern driving these amorphous numbers… maybe it’s time to take a wee breath and step back… undeniably, excellent ratings can help us to see more sales and downloads for our literary masterpieces… and it’s a tremendous ego trip to see one or more of yer babies sitting close to the top of its particular JONGGR’s charts… however, as they say in the classics, Mabel, ‘all this, too, shall pass’… even the  best of bestsellers seldom populate the top spot for any considerable length of time…


…when the book slips from #7 to #783,426 in a matter of a coupla months, yeez kinda get a better sense of balance… a wee bit of perspective on the nonsense about ‘rankings’much better to count the actual number of copies moved, regardless of where it sits in the bestsellers lists… a lot of little makes a lot!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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6 responses to “…Authors… a wee bit of perspective on the perennial nonsense about ‘rankings’…

  1. Rosa Ave Fénix

    I must cofess I don’t understand anything about “Amazon” “Kindle”… anyting related with them, but I know… think, that sometimes they have sales with 30% , 23%… with some books, then if people buy “these books” Amazon can say that those books are in the ranking, and perhaps, in my meek opinion, they are not interesting and why not… “bull shit”.
    Seumas, no the most sold, are the best!!!!
    You know I like you!!!!! Hahaha… muackkkkkkkkkk

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  2. Ratings are too complicated and seem to be temperamental. As you and some others say, the sales are what really count.

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  3. This is really interesting for a person inserted in self publishing on Amazon. Thanks for posting it.


  4. Agree,,,never check my rankings..wouldn’t know how. rarely check sales…until spreadsheet comes from publisher. That way madness lies…


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