…laugh?… I nearly passed m’Blog ‘round… three ‘P’s in a Podcast…

…the current allegedly accepted wisdom for all writers these days, whether or not yeez are self-publishing or ‘publishing-housed’ is to be present on the SOSYAL NETWURKS… that translates into WURKING yer sox off to be ‘noticed’… to be ‘available’ to yer publics… to balance yer scribbling, yer Twitter-twaddlings, yer Facebook-facadings, yer Google-Gogglings, yer LinkedIn-loopings, yer Pocket-Participations, yer Pinterest-Pinnings… oh, and a bit of author-y stuff as well… and, on the outside chance yeez might have time left for family and friends (not bluudy likely) that would be helpful, too… but, thankfully, nowhere in the instructions does it indicate that yeez have to be proficient in any of them… just as well… ‘coz I’m the oldest self-professed computer thing-y Jurassic on the planet… if I switch the Mac on and it lights up, I do a lap of honour…


…consider this now, yesterday my wee grey cells were asked to boldly go where these wee grey cells had never gone before… to be a participant in a Podcast… let’s be clear on this… before yesterday, I thought a ‘Podcast’ was a list of the names of the whales that appeared in the Free Willy movie… along come the two main ‘P’s in the scheme… ‘P’ standing in their case for ‘Professionals’… the delightful m’Ladies and fellow quill-scrapers, K.J. Waters and Suzanne Kelmansuzanne


the two purveyors of the regular Podcast, dubbed ‘Blondie and the Brit’…the third ‘P’ was yours truly, in this case the ‘P’ standing for ‘Perhaps-yeez-have-the-wrong-guy-here’… ’twas to be an easy enuff undertaking, said K.J… piece of cake, said K.J... even a dumb Scotsman’ll manage it, said K.J… aye, right… first of all, we tried Skype, which three-year-old toddlers can understand… that didn’t wanna play… then we had a go via FaceTimeit promptly joined its pal, Skype on the idle pile… no worries… fresh from that success, we transferred to Google Chat… another dismal no-show… I’ve a feeling it might have been my aftershave… or sum’thing I said… or maybe I should pay my Internet bill… by this time we had a three-way intermittent voice link, me in Bahrain, Suzanne in Seattle, and K.J in Dirtville (her description, not mine!)… suffice to say, what was left of my wee grey cells all got up and went out to lunch… sum’how or other, the magnificent duo in ‘Merika still captured the Podcast in all its marvellous sound-quality magnificence… I’m reliably informed that the FBI, NASA and the Society for the Protection of Internet Users will permit the broadcast to be aired in September… have a listen when it does come out… the squeaky voice at the end of the tannoy is Master Gallacher… I’m now open to guest spots on The Muppet Show... see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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18 responses to “…laugh?… I nearly passed m’Blog ‘round… three ‘P’s in a Podcast…

  1. Better do that lap of honour Jurassic. Me. I’m suffrin’ from the poeticals … never mind a podcast :0)

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  2. Have no idea what a Podcast is but this write of yours had me giggling away like a silly schoolgirl, of which I have not been for almost fifty years. (Crikey – fifty years?? Moi??) It just goes to show that education never ends… 🙂


  3. After listening to my late brother’s weekly Podcasts, I decided I didn’t want to hear my own voice. He had a broadcaster’s voice and talent. I’ll stick with the written word, thank you very much. I do applaud your courage.

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  4. Keep us informed. I think it’s a rule that technology always has to go wrong, and the better the people, the more wrong it goes, so you must have been amazing. 🙂

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  5. I was never able to get Skype to work on my laptop either. I also don’t completely understand podcasts. Modern technology seems to leave me in the dust. I’ll have to have my children explain it to me. Sounds like you finally did okay, Seumas. 🙂

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  6. I have found that we are never too old to learn new things. 🙂 I bet you did great.

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  7. Wow, you are really funny!
    I love your style. This was great 🙂

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  8. Good for you for trying new technology! Out here in the woods we can’t do that new-fangled social networking (that’s my excuse anyway). We’re still waiting for cell phone coverage 🙂
    Love your definition of a “podcast!”

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  9. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Do you consider al ol’ jurasisc???? Not!!!!! you aren’t…it’ s ME…I’m the very oldest one!!!! I -more or less- work with internet… but the things you mention as Podcats and so… are double Ducht for me!!! (In Spain “me suena a chino”)!!!!!
    You make me laugh!!!!!

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  10. I’m from de Cretaceous period–dat following the Jurassic and comprised entirely o’ Cretins–and I still ‘ave trouble accessing me phone messages. Me hat’s off ta yeez fer takin’ on de challenge o’ de Podcast! I’ll do yeez a lap o’ honour meself. P’raps yeez kin tell me: When usin’ Twitter, does ye send a Twit or a Tweet?


  11. Ha! Thanks Seumas for a load of laughs on the podcast and setting up. Stay tuned it will air this fall for the delight of your fans ears! I’m eager to show you off to all of my fans as well. A charming fellow all the way around and quite funny to boot!


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