…hey! hey! Yo-Yo! get off of my cloud!… string me along, then…

…being as I am, computer-gadgetly-challenged, I’m blissfully unaware of what it currently costs parents to purchase for their offspring the range of ‘pastime-absorbing’ stuff such as iPads, iPhones, X-boxes, and the like… and as for the latest gimmickry in mobile phones and  applications, this ol’ Jurassic pleads the Fifth…not a clue… my parents had no such budgetary constraints to keep our lot happy ‘way back when… a few pennies were all that were required to keep us at arms-length with self-made ‘toys’… the purchase of a handful of simple wooden canes and some string transformed a five-year old boy into the next version of Robin Hood, with his bow and arrows (with rubber suckers on the tips of the arrows so yeez widnae hiv sumb’dy’s eye oot wi’ that!)… some even had folded-and-glued-newspaper ‘quivers’ to hold the parcel of arrows… old packing cases and discarded prams provided the platform and wheels which became racing buggies, the brakes for which were the soles of our shoes against the front wheel, better applied when not going downhill… but the pride of pocket went to the humble Yo-Yo

yoyo1…a pair of wee blocks of circular wood fastened together, with twine spun around the centre gave hours of pleasure… later versions went on to polished plastic versions, but the older wooden prototypes were unbeatable… the craze caught like wildfire throughout the UK… local events featured competitions, with fabulously inventive tricks… those of yeez of a certain age may remember the ‘walking-the-dog’, the ‘Eiffel-Tower’, the ‘stars-at-night’ tricks, and many other string-tangle-defying manipulations…

yoyo2yoyo3…the piece de resistance involved having the string loosely fastened to the middle of the Yo-Yo, permitting it to spin at the end of an extended arm-throw, and. on command, with a deft jerk of the wrist, having the whole thing spin back into yer hand… magical stuff… X-boxes? iPads?…kids… yeez don’t know what ye’re missing!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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14 responses to “…hey! hey! Yo-Yo! get off of my cloud!… string me along, then…

  1. Yo-yos were a craze in the U.S. as well. A man came to our school to give a demonstration. I had one of the plastic yo-yos. I remember all the different types, some very fancy with rhinestones. They were a lot of fun. I never learned the more difficult tricks, but I could at least get it to go up and down. 😀

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  2. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Seumas… hahahaha… we are a pair…even now I haven’t iPads, iPhones, X-boxes and other stuffs!!!!! for me that kind of things are out of my mind, pocket and desire to have one, my mobile is really an ol’jurassic!!!!!! So… in my chilhood… notung at all, having a doll was more than enough! and we didn’t miss anuything, but nowdays children and uouth… always are wnting more and more. Me… with my PC… I’m very happy as I have friends thouhgh it, friends like you!!!! LUV YEEZ!

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  3. I wasn’t very good with the old yo-yo. Thankfully I had books..:)

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  4. Ah, another fond memory you’ve brought back. My toy of choice was ball and jacks. I became quite a quick hand with that.

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  5. We did a lot with cardboard boxes. Quite the competition in the neighborhood when a big one was spotted on the curb.
    And all sorts of card games and dominoes – (we learned to count, math and all those higher level thinking skills with strategy)
    Yo-yo’s? My dad and brother could do tricks. I usually hit myself in the head. Fun post!

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  6. I remember it well. Loved yo yo’s. And don’t forget the steel hoop kids ran down the streets with controlling it with a a small steel hook. And don’t forget “conkers”, when the horse chestnut tree gave out in abundance. I don’t here of it now.

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