…do yeez remember where yeez were when…? R.I.P. Jonah Lomu… an iconic sports legend, and man…


…there’s much in the manner of horrific episodes to engage our minds at present with the atrocities in France, Lebanon, Kenya and Nigeria… however, a different style of sadness pervades many minds on awakening today to the news of the passing of former New Zealand rugby legend, Jonah Lomu… we may be forgiven for looking back on the life of a gentleman and carry a smile into our heads as we recall all the positive things he gave us… there are p’raps a handful of sporting moments in yer life when yeez look back and remember as clear as crystal certain events that occurred which become indelibly carved in yer mem’ry… for some of us of a certain age, it may be the Geoff Hurst goal that clinched the WURLD cup for England in 1966  (and just for the record, and to keep things right, the first team after that to beat England was Scotland!)… for others it may have been the never-before-achieved perfect 10 for Olympic gymnast, Nadia Comenici at the Montreal event in 1976… goalkeeper Gordon Banks’ remarkable save from Pele’s header is also right up there… but for sheer open-mouthed, awe-triggering impact, NUTHIN comes remotely close to the moment in South Africa, during the 1995 Rugby WURLD Cup, when a 20-year-old giant of a boy stampeded his way into, through, and over, England player, Mike Catt to score an unforgettable try… and with that he changed the game of rugby forever, and prob’ly brought untold millions of new fans into the sport… he certainly did so for me… whether it had been ten Mike Catts or a squad of Hercules Tanks that day trying to stand in his way, it seems even those would not have prevented the utter phenomenon of that particular try… his illness later in life cut short all too soon a career that did reach the heights and we loved him for that and his continued role as a great ambassador for sport of any kind… R.I.P. Jonah Lomu, a colossus in every respect… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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6 responses to “…do yeez remember where yeez were when…? R.I.P. Jonah Lomu… an iconic sports legend, and man…

  1. I just saw a piece about him on CNN. Quite a man.

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  2. Do I remember that try! Quite simply, the best. A gentle man as well as a gentleman, until he had a ball in his hand.

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