…the conundrum of an Author’s earnings… what price a Kindle eBook?…

…how long is a piece of string?… how deep is the universe?… as an outsider, how does Kanye West observe humanity?… puzzles more simply solved, p’raps, than the vexatious issue of what an Author gets paid for her/his  labours on the eBook circuit… granted the ease-of-click-a-download-button and the close-to-commoditisation-of-eBooks has driven down the levels at which normally sensible people will pay for a book… I say ‘normally sensible people’, ‘coz, for most other products available online, there is not such an outrageous expectation of ‘flooring’ of prices for stuff from the Web… apart from the initial phenomenon several years ago, when a mere handful of titles were pushed out at 99 cents or 99 pence and ramped up a million sales, these were the absurd ‘black swan syndrome’ exceptions to the ROOL… the overwhelming majority of titles do not enjoy such download volumes… I’ve seen it recorded sum’where, that 99% of authors don’t ever reach 500 sales for a title… consider that for a wee minute… granted there is a fair amount of substandard writing being offered as a consequence of the ease at which a book can be made public through the Great God Amazon, but equally, there are also vast numbers of excellent scribblers out there… writers who invest up to a year and more of their lives crafting, word-sculpting, toiling to produce their manuscripts…  and yet, a proportion of the readers market (and yeez have all seen this) still complain that an eBook is overpriced at, say three pounds, or four dollars or whatever… the same cost that  would hardly buy a single decent coffee or a coupla doughnuts… by trial and error over these past years, my own sense of the ‘sweet spot’ at which the Kindle market seems to have settled on as a ‘fair’ price is USD 3.99 or its Sterling equivalent of around Stg 2.75… I’d be interested to learn what other folks think? …see yeez later .. LUV YEEZ!… here’s my current Jack Calder crime thriller masterpieces , each at the nailed price of USD 3.99



Cover for Violin Man


UK   amzn.to/1KjvUwh

USA amzn.to/1OVFIlu

VWB cover


UK amzn.to/1NcDIjo

USA amzn.to/1npi3zM

front view SP


UK amzn.to/1Spc6zA

USA amzn.to/1RsWNpo




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16 responses to “…the conundrum of an Author’s earnings… what price a Kindle eBook?…

  1. Never having had a book published, Seumas, I’ll be interested what others have to say about the topic. — Suzanne

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  2. I can’t say I’ve reached any conclusions, Seumas. I know people like Nicholas Rossis, who keeps a much tighter grip on figures that I’ve ever done (here his reflections on it, although the link to the next page didn’t work http://nicholasrossis.me/guides/pricing-your-ebook-is-free-the-new-paid/) has suggested using promotions (reduction of prices, rotating the titles) as an strategy to increase sales of the rest of the books. I have tried cheaper and more expensive options and I can’t say I’ve seen major differences (apart from the free book, that always gets downloads, and when I’ve participated in joint promotions with other authors). At the moment I sell my novellas are a cheaper price, and the other novels over the $2.99 threshold, although the book collecting my 3 YA novels in the series Angelic Business is the most expensive (but still cheaper than buying them separately). I was checking a book I got through Net Galley (a fabulous new novel called ‘The astonishing return of Norah Wells’) that is priced at over $11 in Kindle version. Oh, well…

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  3. Definitely a fair price Seumas. When a person loves reading an author, they would be willing to pay the price of two cups of coffee.

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  4. I had a heck of a time figuring out how to price my books as the first one is a short story. I think 2.99 or 3.99 is more than fair. We work hard for what we get. We try to put out an excellent product. Unfortunately, the ones before us who put out inferior products (and granted some still do) has hurt us in the long run.

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  5. Antonia

    I have only one self-published book, actually a novella, and decided around $2 was a fair price. This despite the time it took me to write it. My other books’ prices are decided by my publisher but off-hand I can’t recall what they are!

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    Seamus on what authors recieve in royalties since E-book market changed…

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  7. yep. I’ve gone for USD 3.99 GBP 2.99 …books 6.99. Possibly might do some 99p books to push them out and grab a few myself. I note that some of the Big Names charge a lot more, but I guess that’s their publisher…

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