…authoress Kelly Modulon (doncha just LUV that name!)… has sum’thing to tell yeez…


…here’s an interesting post from another of my scribbling friends from Australia…. Kelly Modulon gives yeez a wee peek at her debut novel, Being Norah… enjoy…


Hi all! My name is Kelly Modulon, author of women’s fiction novel Being Norah, published through Satalyte Publishing in 2015.

What do I love most about writing?

Everyone has a story that consumes them for a lifetime. Reading other peoples’ stories helps us to better understand our own and makes us better people all round improving our emotional intelligence and enabling our ability to stand in the shoes of another. Reading each other, hearing each other, may just be what saves this world and keeps us going.

Storytelling, be it fiction or fantasy, is an art and a gift. To entertain, to enlighten, to inspire, to provoke or simply to escape. What a wonderful method of communication.

I have always been good with words… as long as I have a minute to think first.

On the spot I’m flustered, I flounder and usually manage to offend… at least someone. But give me a little time, some well simmered thoughts and a bit of calm and I have ‘a lovely turn of phrase’, to quote my mother.

Writing is a vent, a therapy, and a free-range open plain to exercise our emotions and creative needs. I have enjoyed its blank canvas like the open arms of a friend first with poetry, then with songwriting during my many years in music and now with great pride and a small tinge of surprise, I am a novelist.

Thanks to the keen eye of the team at Satalyte Publishing, (who can clearly smell a good author a mile away!), Being Norah was released in April 2015 as both a paperback and as an ebook.


Being Norah tells of one woman’s journey of personal acceptance as she fends off the interference of family and the somewhat limiting expectations she had put upon herself.

There are introspective inner dialogues that I think most women will relate to well and a smooth and comfortable romance that takes our dear Norah quite by surprise despite her best efforts to resist.

Being Norah is a novel about being happy with who you are…even if you aren’t quite sure who that is yet.

Never underestimate the possibilities that come with a pair of borrowed red high heels, a visiting cat and a passion for playing piano secretly in the dark.

There will be a second novel released by Satalyte Publishing by the middle of this year. I’m not giving anything away just yet but it is exciting and unusual…

Stand by!

Buying links :

AUS amzn.to/1Q1nQCg

UK amzn.to/1m4UcEh

US amzn.to/1JPnSRg


…thanks for sharing, m’Lady, Kelly… come back and visit again soon… see yeez all later… LUV YEEZ!



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7 responses to “…authoress Kelly Modulon (doncha just LUV that name!)… has sum’thing to tell yeez…

  1. Rosa Ave Fénix

    I’m sure she must be lovely…. and many of fer words (though unfortunately I’m not a writer), seem they are in my thoughts. I wish her she can be very popular and well known!

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  2. Wonderful to meet Kelly Modulon. An interesting lady. The novel sounds an entrancing read. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. All good wishes for the success of your books, Kelly and thanks for having her as your guest, Seumas.

    Liked by 1 person

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