…6 billion Euros versus how many immigrants ?… what price Humanity?…


…there’s a massive ‘the King has no clothes on’ thing going on right now in front of our television-goggling eyes… whatever yer views may be on the ‘let-them-in/keep-’em-out’ argument over the human tsunami of fleeing masses of wannabe immigrants, some facts are unavoidable… I have no intent to get embroiled in the political side-taking discussion on the issue, so any comments in that vein will be ignored… rather let me point out what the non-Statesmen/women are focused on… how much money can their respective national Treasuries wheedle out of the situation?… the mind boggling sum of 6 billion Euros… I’ll type that again in case yeez miss it… 6 BILLION FECKIN EUROS! on offer to Turkey to assuage their angst about looking after the migrating millions… but, and here’s the rub… the luckless human ‘piggies-in-the-middle’ are to be mere barter pawns in the whole fiasco… regardless of the ordeal undertaken by families who think they’ve made a ‘home run’ to a safe haven country, they are now to be repelled at the razor-wired borders and ferried back whence they transited, and put to the end of a long queue… then a quid quo pro for the exchange of the 6 Billion pieces of silver is that a one-for-one quota of ‘sent-backs’ to ‘let-‘em-comes’ is supposed to balance things out… not for the migrants, it won’t… consider this for a minute… umpteen mega-millions of dollars have been spent, and continue to be spent in having the talking heads of governments and their assorted advisors travel to the EU conferences allegedly to sort out the ’migrant question’, plus their five-star hotel accommodations… plus the amount of dollars and other currencies being generated with the hordes of international media representatives covering these congresses… hot air seemingly has little value, but still so much more than actual expenditure in bringing relief to men, women and children entrapped in this bluudy mess… 6 billion Euros versus how many immigrants ?… what price Humanity?… okay, rant over… move along people, NUTHIN to see here… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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17 responses to “…6 billion Euros versus how many immigrants ?… what price Humanity?…

  1. Families, risking their lives fleeing from terror to fear and poverty… shouldn’t that be the main concern?

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  2. Rose Marmont

    Well said Seumas!
    No one would put themselves and their children in a boat, knowing it is likely to sink, therefore, condemning them to a watery grave, unless the alternative was worse than that eventuality!
    Unfortunately, that is a truth too often forgotten, in the Europe wide hysteria surrounding the migrant issue.

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  3. Hate to state the obvious Seumas, but what are their ‘wealthy and living in peace elsewhere nearby Brothers and Sisters in faith’ doing? ZILTCH! (Apart from poor little beleaguered Jordan – Bless them)
    PS – you might want to delete my comment after reading it, in case monitoring is taking place (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more Squire)

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  4. I did vow never to comment on politics in the blog world but I cant resist saying I wish people would remember these are real people we are talking about not numbers. I find it shocking how desensitised we have become to this and some of the rhetoric is shocking. To your point, how much good could have been done helping these people with that money rather than using it to they way it has been.

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  5. Massive human migration. Not seen such in a long long time.To be forced to leave their homes and countries – their histories, traditions, whole civilizations only carried in their hearts and minds. The sorrow of so much being lost. The world will be a very different place.

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  6. That seems to be the way things are always handled. People are turned into numbers, there’s a gathering of important people in a comfortable place to discuss it, and a certain amount of money is turned over to prove something’s been done. Finally, it’s carried on the news services. Then most people forget and go on with their lives. The poor stay poor and miserable and the rich remain rich and comfortable. It’s then on to the next problem. — Suzanne

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  7. Oh God Seumas I`m telling you these people with the $ signs in their hearts have already F####d our world. I don`t know what`s going to happen but I think a turnaround, especially with access to the internet these days, is going to happen. This kind of behaviour has to stop. Money is an energy same as healing and other energies but the greedy just seem to want more and more and more,

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  8. Rosa Ave Fénix

    It’s so horrinble that I havn’t words to express my sadness, and the worst of that situation is I don’nt see and end. I agree with your words.

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