…if Music be the food of LIFE, as well as LOVE, play on, Maestro…

…some of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land may be aware of a wee practice I’ve kinda easily slipped into over the last year or two… toward the weekend (which in the Middle East effectively begins on Thursday evenings, with Friday the official non-WURK day) I tend to pick up from Auntie You Tube and share on Facebook and Twitter… songs, clips, and music ranging from Celtic/Gaelic airs to 1960’s-and-onward classics to Bocelli masterpieces. to flash-mob presentations and such other goodies… those of yeez of a certain age will instantly transport yer minds back to the era in which much of it found vogue… a time when we were young once (yes, Mabel, we were daft growing-ups then, p’raps not fully all-growed-up)… a time when we were finding love, feelings, relationships, spouses, lovers, marriages, kids, and all the trappings that just staying alive bring… every song I play has real mem’ries for this ol’ Jurassic… some pensive, some tearful, some outright f*ck-the world, some joyful, and some just in awe of whoever is singing or playing the particular piece… but each note ties in with my life sum’where, sum’how… I can remember sensitivities, hardships, triumphs, despair, highs and lows throughout all of that… music is part of me… and I think it’s a part of everyone’s psyche… it ties me in with people I knew, friendships, partnerships, marriages, and yes, divorces… the evolution of the prevailing popular music will herald in material I sum’times have no time nor ear for, but the great stuff when I was growing up into the older fella I’ve become, in large part seem magnificent to me… so, when yeez see my wee FB-Jaying and Twitter-Jaying, yeez’ll bear with me I trust… I play them principally for me… but I know it touches many of my good pals around the globe who grew up at the same time as I did… on any given day, I could write yeez a list of my 20 and more favourites, but next day, they’d prob’ly be 20 different clips… if Music be the food of LIFE, as well as LOVE, play on, Maestro… here’s one to keep yeez going… 

…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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13 responses to “…if Music be the food of LIFE, as well as LOVE, play on, Maestro…

  1. An old favourite of mine. The first time I heard it was on a Joan Baez album my dad bought me, when I was twelve. She sang it while playing guitar but this version by Roberta Flack on piano is really lovely. Thanks for the nostalgia this morning and have a great weekend.

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  2. I love the sharing of musical memories so play on Seumas and I`ll find you on fb.

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  3. Please keep on sharing. That’s what FB and Twitter are there for. And you learn a lot about a person via his shared music. For your Ralph Mctell version of ‘Streets of London’ I would have chosen a different version. Punkversion by ‘Anti-Nowhere league’. Not for the faint of heart. Yes, I was once youg too
    Markus aka Ausone

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  4. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Seumas…LUV YEEZ!…and I love music. It’s said that music is in our souls. I agree with you in everything, with some songs I feel misty, blue and sometimes like crying. You insert music in facebook and I usually if I see them, I enjoy listening the songs…
    By the way, celtic music is wonderful!

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  5. Thanks so much, Seumas. Great choice!

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  6. OUr music choices are the bookmarks of our lives. Dance and play on!

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  7. Thanks for the lovely music, Seumas. I’ll check FB for your other favorites. We all have memories brought back by music. 🙂 —- Suzanne


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