…this thing about ‘an Author’s platform’?… build it and they shall come?…


…just over eight years ago, this ol‘ Scots Jurassic scribbler was inexplicably seduced into the maelstrom of Authordom… little did I contemplate how that hypnotic draw would impact my life ever afterward… let’s go back to the list of ‘stuff I’d ever wanted to be’ when I was at junior/infant school… train driver… footballer… drummer in a beat group (as we called ‘bands’ back then’)… more… gambling bookmaker… chartered accountant (yes, at the age of 8, ‘chartered accountant’ was a heady ambition)… moving on to the muddled teen years… I fell into banking as a Trainee Master of the Financial Universe... Master Gallacher spent some time as an apprentice professional footballer in Scotland (at least one of the infancy objectives met)… also fronted a beat group as lead singer/harmonica player (so, nearly aligned with the ‘drummer’ target)… ‘gambling bookmaker?‘… not quite, Mabel… but a ‘book maker’ in a different sense now that the second (third? and fourth?) childhood has come along… and what fun it has been… LUVVIN IT!… none of the prior life directions have proven as rewarding as allowing my wee grey cells to be ruled by a collection of fictional characters, all unrepentant in diverting this Author’s plans into their own devices, taking plot lines where they please… and the contingent requirements for the modern literary scribe have been equally gratifying… the necessary immersion in the SOSYAL NETWURKS… early in the piece, thankfully, I listened to the advice about ‘building the platform’… the simple concept of getting cracking as soon as possible in  developing  and maintaining connections in the ‘business of writing’... the Twitteratti, the Facebookeratti, the LinkedIneratti, the Google+eratti, and all the other Bloggeratti avenues to be ‘out there’ as a writer

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…so, does it WURK? this thing about ‘an Author’s platform’?…. build it and they shall come?… in aggregate my ‘followers/connections/friends/call them what yeez will’, currently number in excess of 25,000, the majority of whom are related one way or another to the quill-scraper’s industry… yeez can bet yer sweet assets it WURKS!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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11 responses to “…this thing about ‘an Author’s platform’?… build it and they shall come?…

  1. A talented Bloke you are with so varied a career. No wonder yer head is packed full of Author stuff!

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  2. Well done! Glad you’re loving the writing and sosyal-izing, Seumas.

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  3. Wonderful to hear how much you’re enjoying the writing gig. 😀

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  4. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Really you’re “renched” with so many …. atti.. hehe, you’re working a lot but having a goog time as weel! Luv yeez!!!!!!

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  5. Rosa Ave Fénix



  6. You’ve accomplished what few probably have, Seumas, with your varied past and present activities. What an interesting life you’ve led. 🙂 — Suzanne


  7. roylmurry425

    So, ya saying, you’ve been around the block a couple of times. makes a good writer, like me. LOL


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